Up, Up, and Away!

2011-04-10 Hot Air Balloon 004

This morning, we advance forward, more than just a few steps.

And 17 go with.  Making a team total of 19 headed “out of town”. 😉

We have tucked in prayer, fasting, and many months of planning and preparations.  Every member.

Each member of this team was hand picked….by God.  The reason I know is we started out with more, but as instructed, everyone prayed for direction.  There were some that felt that this trip was not “their trip”.  But the next one just might be!

Much thought has gone into the purchasing of items to share, packing of necessities, and some “not quite necessary”.  No detail left untended.2011-07-24 She Speaks 2011 020

Today, several will leave dirt and experience clouds.

What a sight!  They will have so MUCH to tell you when they return!  And a few will tell you some things while they are away!  Tune in here for interviews, experiences, God words, and slide shows of pictures.

Fasten your seat belt.  In the words that these fresh eyes and ears express, you might hear a message meant for YOU alone.  From HIM.

Remember to pray for us!




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