Summer Camp 2011

1st Week of Kids Camp!

Y’all. I am really too tired to tell you too much about these photos…or the sweet kids…or the dedicated counselors…or the HARD WORKING KITCHEN STAFF….

Donece and Jerry head up the team…Jerry ran the grill today and grilled up some mighty fine hamburgers! Nancy and I helped out where we could and there there was…Mrs. Everlee, a fixture…I don’t know if they could “do camp” without her.

Pastor Donald, Pastor Mel–Cynthia–and Aaron’s whole gang are here–not to mention…many folks I just can’t mention—because my brain and body is too tired…and 6 o’clock will come early.

I will try to upload pics–I have several that will take some for me—but finding the time to upload will the the trial…because I have promised a certain amazing kids pastor some homemade banana pudding….And of course, Cynthia…after all, she did give me a duck…(remember? I shared the story at the Grace AG Missions Dinner–and I shared it on Laced With Grace last week… (click on the link if you’ve not read the story).

Anyway, PRAY for us–we need strength…and TODAY IS JUST DAY NUMBER 1!!!! of 6 weeks!!!

Thank you to all who pitched in…thank you to all the kids who waited patiently on a HOT off the grill hamburger!

Thank you to GOD for blessing us with a great first day!  I will have some pictures of the Kidz Ministry Team before the week is over! I promise!

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