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Common GROUNDS….

Thursday night we will have our “5th” Common Grounds.  In the fall of last year, I felt the urge to begin this home prayer group.  I was unsure what God was up to.  I’m still not sure about all the details, but I know enough to follow and listen.

Angela Jackson and Vanessa Perkins, join me as hostesses and we pray and fast in preparation of the meetings.  The first time we met, my sweet husband made us two cakes–I had cookies, tea, coffee, lemon water, you name it–it was here!  But hardly anyone ate.

As we settled in the living room about an hour after our “get acquainted” time, God began to move and work among us…and He set a pattern for what was to come.  Of course, knowing it’s HIS pattern, it is subject to change.

One change we made, we don’t come to eat–we come to share Him.  So I encourage you –eat before you get here– 🙂 (grinning)  After cooking and preparing for 2 of the meetings, and having no one “want” to eat, we decided to not have food.  Coffee and water is provided.  Some even bring their own kleenex!  (We generally go through the kleenex.)

Each month as I’ve prepared by prayer and study for what He would have me share–He has revealed a truth.  I’ve been blown away by HIS awesome power. 

Each time we’ve met in my home, God has poured out HIS presence among our hearts and lives as we seek HIM fully–and totally.  Tomorrow night we anticipate MORE.

MORE of HIM–MORE of His anointing–His presence.  WE WANT ALL HE HAS.  We want to move from this place tomorrow night–changed.  Re-arranged if necessary.  Some of us might need Him to step in and mess up our world.  We want to be MORE than just observers….we want to be partakers of ALL HE HAS.

For the FIRST TIME in our meeting history,

we are having a guest speaker:

Missionary  Angeline Mhlanga, from Zimbabwe.

We are EXPECTING God to do His great and mighty things among us–as we PRAY and seek HIM with all we have.

 We would love to have you join us!

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Sisters Weekend February 2011

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We had a great time–the weather was PERFECT.  Sunny Saturday–not a cloud in the sky!  THAT is how much God blessed us!

There are many more pictures to come…some will be attached to messages that the Lord is sharing with me.  Some new and exciting things–FIRST thank you for praying for the last very HARD test I had.  I passed–but it was SO MUCH GOD–I cannot even tell you!  There were many questions I just had to make a GUESS on.  So, I guess I guessed correctly. 

COMMON GROUNDS.  For those of you who live near enough to join us (ladies only), we have had two wonderful times of prayer and discussion in the Word –and we will continue.  Jot this on your calendar, the 3rd Thursday night of each month (next one is March 17, 2011) at 6:00 SHARP.  We begin on the nose of 6.  It usually lasts a couple of hours, however if you need to leave early, that is fine as well.

What do we do?  Hmmm.  Ask the ladies at Sneads First Assembly of God.  I didn’t know a single one that came to my door last month–but we had the BEST time!  We also had join us 4 from local churches here in town as well.  Thank you girls for all your wonderful comments and input!  God was glorified with all the discussion about HIS goodness!  We have an open kitchen with coffee, tea, water and have had cakes and cookies.  HOWEVER, due to the fact that NO ONE ate anything last month–and everyone just seemed to rush to the living room to get started, I won’t worry with food!  We’ll continue to have coffee/tea, etc. but we are gathering to pray, share what God’s doing in and through our lives.  And according to “some”….HE IS DOING A LOT!

If you want to see God more active in your life…trying being more active in HIS Word.  I encourage you to fast and pray for the upcoming Common Grounds meeting.  With much excitement we will share what He has been doing among us!  And I’ve already heard some good things!
I welcome your e-mail with thoughts or questions regarding upcoming meetings!

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