More rain…but we did not get discouraged. We worked steady–long and hard!

The children met us again at the top of the hill all excited, running and jumping around. Makes me kind of sad to know that soon they will not have a bus to meet and they won’t have these great young people cheering them on and laughing and dancing with them–but our goal is to put Jesus into their hearts—and pray for them–believing God to raise them up to do the same for those around them.

That’s what you and I are called to do as well. We discussed tonight, after Lynda Carroll shared a precious testimony about the grace and mercy of God extended in her life by God–that we are all called to carry the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world.

I’ve said it here before, and I’ll say it again. Everyone’s “all the world” is not the same. Some are not called to the Mission Field–but we are all called to make a difference, impacting those in our world for the cause of Christ–by living the life before them, showing others the love of Christ–not the complaining, whining spirit of flesh.  You and I can make a difference for those in the Mission Field by giving of our time and money–and spending time in prayer for them.

I’m sharing the photos with you of today.  Not as many pictures taken today, I mainly forgot to pass my camera around for the youth to snap shots of everyone.  We were so busy trying to get much done.  The kids are gone tomorrow and the Center is closed for the day-so we take advantage of that and will see a bit of the area.  We will be back on Thursday to finish up our painting projects and clean everything before we leave. 

I hope to post the interviews with the other “first timers” for this mission work tomorrow.  Great responses, great kids–who love the Lord with all their heart! I am so proud to be a part of this awesome group.  They don’t play around when it comes to getting serious before God.  They are serious and passionate about Jesus!  I pray the same for the youth at your church wherever you may attend.

(Remember, if the pictures go too fast to read the captions,click on the slide show and view them all separately)


Pardon me if I got to sleep now….it is after 11:00….and I’m sort of tired.  Love you all!


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