First Time Mission Team Interview

Brittany Riley

Brittany, what was the first thing that made an impression on you?

It was actually seeing and being with the children first hand.

Can you tell us what you have experienced that will be life changing for you?

Every child that I’ve come into contact with has and will forever change my life.

Do you feel God speaking specifically to an area of your life?

In a way, yes.  But I need to pray about it more.

What would you say to someone undecided about a mission trip?

I would tell them that I felt the same way.  I was afraid of coming over here, but now that I have, I wouldn’t trade any moment here for all the money or power in the world.

Brittany, how will this affect your missions giving and how has this affected your perception of a missionary?

It has already affected my missions giving because I’m helping sponsor a child.  I believe that it’s opened my eyes to what they actually go through emotionally.  Seeing pictures and hearing stories tug at your heart, but actually being here totally grips it and doesn’t let go.

Brittany, would you do this again?

Yes! Over and over again!

Hey, is there anything you want to say to your fellow laborers?

Just that I love everyone and it’s been an amazing time getting to know each one personally!

Thank you Brittany for taking the time to share your heart with us and all those who faithfully follow our journey here in Honduras!


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