Camp Nana with Cy and Jake!

Ya’ll! I almost forgot to show the fun day and half I had with Cy and Jake!
These two rascals could put me in the hospital if I didn’t take my vitamins! ūüôā (almost kidding)
We had a great time though–they are good eaters–and they get along without fussing. At all.
Cy could put the legendary “Little Rascals” out of BUSINESS! For real!
He is darling cutie pie and he can find more trouble than you can shake a stick at!

What am I doing today?
Trying to find everything I need to take without overpacking.
Which, if you watched the “video” my sister Aimee and I made last year for the
Bloggers Retreat…then you know…we both have a tendency to over pack.
(That is one more CRAZY video!–and we’ve all lost weight since then! Thank you JESUS!)


Where am I going?
Scroll down.
You can find it here.
Tegucigalpa Honduras.

My First, First, and First.

First Mission Trip

First Plane Ride

First time going without a single member of my flesh and blood family.
God is with me. NO matter where on this earth–or in the sky
I travel…He never will leave my side!
Nor yours if you belong to Him!

I have received some¬†sweet e-mails. I’m sorry I can’t reply to all today!
But I know you understand!

The washer is making a funny-not “ha-ha” -noise.
A funny as in-“I’m about to cost you a boat load”.
But that is okay.
I am married to one terrific handy-dandy-fix’it-man.

S0. Stay tuned on Friday–I plan to launch the “series” of
Mission of Mercy Honduras Bound posts!
Lord willing, I will post each night of the
happenings in Honduras.

Y’all. Pray seriously for NO ONE to experience ANY KIND of stomach issues
while we are gone. ANY KIND.

The toilet in the village we will be working in every day?
Well. Dig a hole. Take a picture.
That’s about what we have.
We were told we would need to bring our own TP every day.
You feeling this with me?

Makes you really appreciate Mr. Jon.
(as in the toilet)

So–for right now, I’m back to the ironing board.
Don’t want to look wrinkled.
(It doesn’t work on your face-or any other body part. Trust me.)

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