"A Heart For God"–over at the Cafe`

What I will be known as after I am gone is something I won’t know.

At least not here.

At every single funeral I attend these thoughts plague me. So much so that I began to wonder–on paper if not out loud, just exactly what I am.
A daughter, a wife, a sister, a mother, a grandmother, even a friend. But there is one thing I want to be known as above any other thing. I want to be known as a daughter-wife-mother-sister-grandmother who had a passionate heart for God.
There is a vast difference in the heart of true mother and the heart of a woman who has children. As you read, you must know that these are some things “I” have faced in my own life. That’s the tough thing. Learning the lessons in the first place…..

For the rest of the devotion—come on over to the Cafe` today–grab a seat–I’ve poured you a hot cup!  Sit back, relax–let’s share about life as a mom–and how Jesus impacts our lives.  Today you will find me here:

(The message is a portion of what I shared on Mother’s Day at Grace Assembly of God in Chipley, Florida http://graceagchipley.org/)
(Pictured:  top picture-Tiffany, me and April; bottom picture- Mother, Wanda, Aimee and me-yes, an old picture–you can tell by the poufy hair!)

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3 responses to “"A Heart For God"–over at the Cafe`

  • Denise

    On my way to the cafe sis, love you.

  • Wander

    Oh Angie
    Thanks for sharing your sweet words! Wanda sounds like she smeared her forever on your heart!
    Sisters…..do that!

    I noticed you're a southern girl! Me too!
    I'm from south Florida near Lakeland. But, I lived in Graceville for 3 years while my hubby attended the Baptist college (it was Florida Baptist back then).
    So…we've been neighbors, girl!

    Glad to find you out here in blogland! New friends are a blessing from God!

  • Lori Stilger

    Hi, Angie! I have a favor to ask. 😀 If you could email me at pooh0612@aol.com, I'd really appreciate it!

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