Scooter and Max

Y’all. I have never—ever —ever in my life seen a man so taken with a critter. He decided when he saw it. Love at first sight. Then calls me. “Go see! Go see!” (says he). I went. I saw. I was licked on the chinny chin-chin. And in the heart.

After much discussion. Many phone calls (while I am trying to WORK for crying out loud)…we have a new baby. Another boy.

Believe it or not…the yellow lab is mine. The patio furniture chewin’, shoe gnawin’, stick eatin’, fish catchin’ yellow bundle of energy and love is mine.

The white fur ball of squeaky noise, howl when the light is turned out and his cage door shuts, follow your every step, under your feet, can’t read your bible for him pulling your pajama leg, bundle of sweet love, is Jeff’s.

Go figure.

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13 responses to “Scooter and Max

  • Karen

    Congratulations on your new bundle of love….

  • Terra

    You are so blessed to have this new puppy; the photos of both doggies show them to be very cute.
    Lots of fun in the future for your family and the new little one.
    Certain cats and dogs just speak to our hearts. Our boy cat came to our back door 11 years ago and captured our hearts.
    Our other cats accepted him and he is here today.

  • LisaShaw

    I just can't wait to play with them both. I'm a HUGE dog lover since I was a child.

    I think it's so precious that you have big ole Max and Jeff has little cutie Scooter-Man!

    Hey, the place your speaking is about 2.5 hours from me. I'm going to check my schedule for the 15th because my daughter and Grandbabies are coming 9/2 so I have so much to do in August but I really want to be there for you so we'll see…Love ya.

  • Deb

    They are sooooo cute:) I have three cats I love, but I love all animals:)

  • Linda

    They are both adorable in their own way. Just between you and me, I like big dogs better too. But I can easily see how Scooter won Jeff's heart.

  • Denise

    Oh don't you just love puppies…. We looked at some Schnauzer puppies the other day.. Had to tell myself that they grow up , they grow up , they grow up!

    Have a blessed weekend………

  • Finally Free

    I love the names. Scooter and Max. It's amazing how God gave us these little creatures that love us so unconditionally.

    Very cute.

  • Denise

    Tell Jeff I said congrats, but I am totally jealous. lol

  • Grandma Elsie

    Smile..better you than me..

    Oh what a job but I believe you are up to it.If I was younger ,,,but then I am not ,so be it.

    She is a beauty and looks just like the one my twins grand babies got for Christmas ,name of Lily.
    Can't walk to their front door for chewed sticks ,etc.either. The home of animal lovers are thus.

  • Kathy S.

    Angie, you are a saint! What a cute dog! I might even smile if he disrupted my Bible reading time…lol

  • Alleluiabelle

    You are so funny! The new addition to the critters is adorable…and so is the big one. Have fun with the new little fella.

    My daughter has a boxer and a black lab. We had her boxer here for three years. It got to a point where she was leading me all over the place, needless to say, it was time for her to leave and go back to her rightful owner…My daughter and her husband. We enjoyed her, but it was time.

    Love & blessings,

  • Tea With Tiffany

    They call it puppy love!


    We have a 8 yr old black lab. I'm not sure who claims her. She's a good dog, but terrified of the thunder and other loud noises. Not easy to deal with in the summer because we have lots of late afternoon storms that come and go.


  • Jensmere

    Who woulda thunk it!!!! they are both sooo cute!

    Isn't it just wonderful to have something that adores you and can't wait to be in your presence everyday!!!! (hmmmmm…methinks there be a spiritual app in that statement!)

    Love you,

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