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You Are Supposed to be Here

Jeff’s First Post! I was going to wait until March…because I thought he needed extra time…but hey! He wrote this one out for me this morning! Without further ado….here ya go!


Have you ever been asked to do something you are not sure you can do? I just hate to say no. But in my mind, I am thinking: “Me? Write a blog? I don’t even read that much! I can’t spell and you want me to write?” That was pretty much my response to Angie when she asked me. Then when she showed me her new blog page—I was like—“but I didn’t say I would yet.” But she knows I will.

Well, we are on vacation when I write this out for her to type. In the mountains of North Georgia. We arrived on Saturday afternoon to find an empty gas tank (although it had been ordered a week ago, it had still not been delivered). I go out to the water valve at the road, turn on the valve and water sprays everywhere. A busted line.

My first thoughts were “we are not supposed to be here obviously. Let’s just go home. No gas means no heat. No hot water. When I was a young boy, I can remember warming water in the fireplace, actually, the fireplace not only was our water heater—it was also our only source of heat.

But—the fireplace here—has ‘gas logs’. So, I call the homeowner to get the phone numbers to the gas company and the water company. Long story short, we had gas delivered late Saturday afternoon. Shortly thereafter, the water company sent someone out and repaired the valve and line at the road.

“Finally! We have water!” With a turn of the valve the meter starts running, but no water in the house. Unless you count the water spraying from a busted line in the ceiling above the laundry room.

Well, my thoughts again are, “we are just not supposed to be here this week.” But, I know I can fix this problem. So, with a trip to Lowe’s and a couple of hours later, I am sitting in a hot bath in a warm house. The lost 4 to 6 hours were not really that big of a deal.

How many times do we take life’s small problems and make a mountain out of them. As I am praying this morning, mountains are exactly what I am looking at right now. As I begin thanking God for this beautiful morning, the Spirit speaks to my heart.

“No one will ever experience what you are at this very moment.” Oh, people will sit in this same rocker on this same porch, looking at these same mountains, enjoying the same view, but they will not see the same thing. The fog in the valley will never be exactly the same again. The clouds, the rising sun, even the birds singing in the trees—their song will not sound the same way it does to me today.

And I will not be exactly the same again, for God reminded me “I can do all things through Him.” He reminded me to be still and listen and know that He is God and He is Lord of my life. I encourage you today, put Him in first place today. Allow Him to be Lord of all in your life. In all you do.

Thanks for listening!


Oh, I cannot end this post without saying thank you to an awesome family here in Georgia! Angie and I met one of her blogging friends and her family for lunch on Sunday. Scott and Lori and their “people”—thank you guys for a great lunch and a great time. I know this old man didn’t say a lot (never do), but you blessed my heart. What a beautiful and loving family you guys are! Thank you!

14 thoughts on “You Are Supposed to be Here”

  1. Kudos, Jeff! Wonderful post. Like I told Angie earlier today, I’m one mountain woman that doesn’t take living here in these beautiful mountains for granted! Each day is a gift. Each bend in the road granting yet another snapshot of God’s splendor and majesty. It just never gets old.Enjoy your vacation, y’all.

  2. Nice to meet you Jeff. It was a good day to practice your skills. Patience too it sounds. Bet that gas and water was really a thing to reflect on…how wonderful these things we take so for granted are. Let us never take for granted the difference made in walking out just who we are . Just where we are at the very moment in time as we breath it.

  3. Thank you Jeff for sharing such a wonderfully awesome post. We all need to give God His rightful place in our lives and hearts, first place always. Bless you.

  4. Hey Jeff – welcome to the Blogosphere! I really enjoyed what you shared; “No one will ever experience what you are at this very moment” made my heart leap. Thanks for the reminder that every moment is irreplaceable. I pray you guys have a great time of refreshing this week – I’m thinking about you all.

  5. Great job, Jeff.I am sorry your stay up here in our mountains started off rough. I pray the rest of your time is full of the refreshing of the Lord.It was nice to meet you yesterday!Julie

  6. Your wonderful post made two pictures pop up in my head. Number one is the beauty and tranquility of the gorgeous North Georgia Mountains. Picture number two is the inevitable and unexpected situations that always come up when we are trying to get away, relax, and enjoy ourselves…or at least they are inevitable for my family’s vacations! Thank you for sharing how God speaks to us in the midst of pleasure and in the middle(or at the end sometimes) of aggravations. God is good!

  7. Jeff…..LOOK AT YOU! MR. BLOGGER!!I’m impressed and I can’t wait for Scott and Hayden to get home from bball to see the debut post! WE were the blessed ones on Sunday! It amazes me that you can meet people that you’ve only chatted with and feel as if you’ve known them for years….THAT’S A GOD THING…for such a time and place!What a blessing ya’ll GAVE ME AND MY PEOPLE!And listen…with that didn’t stand a chance…good thing you are the strong and silent type! 🙂BIG hugs up there in the Ga. mountains!!love you both!lori

  8. Praise the LORD Bro. Jeff!All I can say is I’m glad Angie talked you into writing and sharing what the LORD gives to you.Powerful and well said. My heart was blessed and lifted. Thank you for that and I thank GOD for your incredible wife but I know you know that already. She’s pretty special!!!God bless you all and enjoy your time with the Lord and one another and friends.

  9. Hey you two…don’t have too much fun without us!!!Jeff…you blessed my heart with your post! I can see the wonder of God’s creation in your words. Thanks for the reminder about putting Him first!Blessings and joy!!Susan

  10. For your first time, Jeff you did a great job!!! thanks for reminding me that ‘all is not as it seems’. God can even use broken water pipes to get our attention!!LOVED IT!!!I pray that you and Angie will have a great time in the mountians of Georgia… it’s beautiful up there!!!Next vacation… somewhere in South Carolina, with those crazy Holladays???? We would absolutely love it!!

  11. “How many times do we take life’s small problems and make a mountain out of them?”I love this post Jeff, thank you so much for sharing, for the reminder that we are to always put Him first no matter what.

  12. Great word pictures of your time in the mountains. Roughing it adds to the splendor. I know that sounds false, but having been there I know. Great post.

  13. So good to meet you Jeff! I can’t wait to meet you in person and eat one of your delicious peanut butter cakes.When are you and your bride going to head on out to California? We could show you some amazing hospitality!

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