Part of our Trip

You will have to click on the collage to get the details….The day was WINDY…VERY WINDY. The hill was STEEP….VERY STEEP! The mountains were awesome. (No, I’m not gonna say it again)…

I had an awesome lunch with a precious blogging sister! Marsha from Marsha’s Musings and I met in her home state and had a great lunch and fellowship together! I also met Lori (picture coming soon) of All I have to give….and Julie of Jewelz Sightings….

Lori called it appropriately, the “Angie Tour”. I suppose it was. My sweet man carted me around to all the chosen destinations without one quibble. He was precious. It was the sweetest Valentine’s gift ever! I have MANY more pictures….will show them later 🙂

I have 3 more parts to post about the days following Wanda’s homegoing. Do you want to hear the rest? I really would like to know—if not, I will get back to devotions. So—tell me. The final 3? Or carry on devotions?

By the way…more news is coming up—-along with a giveaway celebrating our new blog look—and a few more things….so….come on y’all….tell me….what do you want???

It is up to the readers.



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13 responses to “Part of our Trip

  • ktwalden

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! The pictures are great and I loved the last caption…<>Beauty even in the coming storm<>. A future devotion title possibly? My vote is for the final three…if you still want to share those precious moments. Your previous posts of Wanda have moved me beyond words.

  • Marsha

    Note to self… Learn how to LOOK into a camera!! Oh my! Embarrassment. Laughter. All rolled into one lump of clay.DEFINITELY continue with the final 3… and more as the Lord moves you.I’m so glad you all enjoyed the rest of y’alls week. Love you dearly.

  • suki

    Hey Angie please continue three blogs. I have ministered to so deeply by your Praise to God in the mist of the storm. God is our shelter keep on writing. love ya

  • Michele Williams

    I want more! Please do the final 3…. I’m so glad you had such a great time with my sister Marsha. I wish I lived closer… I miss out on so many things! That always happens with little sisters! lol…. Love you…

  • Denise

    Sweetie, I am so happy that you enjoyed your trip. I love the pictures, thanks for sharing. Please share the final three posts about Wanda, they really touch my heart. I love you bunches.

  • Lori

    I love the pictures and your new design is awesome girl!

  • Teresa Lee Rainey . . .

    So glad you all had such a lovely time on vacation. The photos are fab!As a new reader, Angie, I’m open to reading whatever is on your heart. Sharing your memories of Wanda touch my heart. I’m excited to read your devotions as well. I’ll leave the voting to others. Love ya,Teresa

  • Gail W.

    Don’t leave us hanging, girl – we want to hear the rest of the story!!! I’m so excited about your blog tour – that must have been awesome! If only Virginia had been close enough:)

  • Technonana

    Thanks for sharing just a glimpse of your vacation… I love the mountians!!!Kudos to Jeff for being such an adorable and sweet man to take you away for Valentines!!Yes please … I want to hear your heart about Wanda.Love You,Sharon

  • lori

    Gotta get that pic to you huh??? 🙂IT was FABULOUS to get to hug you in the real!! It really was the “Angie TOUR…” Next time ya’ll need a bus with a big ol logo!:)WE’ll work on that….love you!!

  • Linda

    Oh it looks like a lovely trip Angie – wind and all.I vote for finishing with the three. You have learned so much and have so much to share that enriches and encourages.

  • Julie

    Angie, I loved seeing you again. It was SO nice to meet Jeff as well. The pictures are amazing. What a view you all had!The words you left me at my blog…oh goodness…I am still stunned. Yes, I have read “Hinds Feet on High Places”. It is one of my favorite books…. I relate SO much to “Much Afraid”… The woman who mentored me wrote a devotional to go along with that book. I cannot count how many times I’ve read it. I am stunned that you would compare my writing to that book…just stunned.Thank you for blessing my heart…As far as continuing on with Wanda’s story.. my vote is YES!! I love reading it. I just finished the last one… such a beautiful, touching, painful picture…Thank you for sharing your heart in this story. I know it is painful to remember, but I trust an even greater depth of healing is emerging in the midst.Love you friend,Julie

  • LisaShaw

    Looks like you all had a terrific visit. Photos are beautiful. I always am blessed when I visit with you. Feel like I’m sitting across the table sharing our hearts.I love you.

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