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Last Weekend Fun!

Click on the collage to see the pirates and their trusty ships. They were watching Veggie Tales Pirate movie on Saturday morning…since I had not seen it before, I rather enjoyed it with them. However, Nana did NOT sit in a pirate ship. I sat on the couch. (I don’t think I could have fit into one of the ships….)

Now, I did want to say this to my sweet readers…while I am writing several posts about my sister, Wanda, I don’t want the entries to seem depressing to anyone…I would rather it be as a stroll—-taking the arm of a friend—laughing when it’s funny—and yes, we may shed a tear or two. But I am just sharing my heart—as I have not been able to do.

God has brought me very far. Very, very far indeed. God bless you and have a blessed weekend!

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Sisters Retreat 2007

Standing by the window, high up on the fifth floor of the hospital in Central Florida, looking out at a day that was sunny and bright. Behind me though, coming in fast, were dark clouds of life. I could sense them in my spirit. They were threatening. The driving force was death. But our driving force was Life. And faith.

Just behind me lay Wanda, with mother by her side and Aimee seated in a chair at the foot of the bed. We were listening to praise music from a CD I had made especially for Wanda with some of her favorite songs. Songs we had sung, learned, and worshipped our Lord at our last Sister’s Retreat.

“We have come to worship the Lord, we have come to worship the Lord, bow down before Him, love and adore Him, we have come to worship the Lord.”

Although, the words were not exactly true, in the sense that the reason we were at the hospital, was to worship the Lord; however, they were true in the fact that we have learned to worship Him in all circumstances. This was not an easy circumstance in which we found ourselves. Nevertheless, we worshipped. Turning the small hospital room into a veritable temple of God.

As our tears flowed, and my mother’s hands rose toward heaven, I knew without a doubt that God’s heart was touched. It was this picture of faith and worship, that Mark brought Victoria in to love on her mommy. She was such a brave girl. Even at the young age of “almost” five, she knew there was something seriously wrong with mommy. Yet, she put on a brave face and smiled as she leaned down with daddy’s strong arms holding her tight she kissed mommy’s cheek.

Wanda felt that kiss and her tired face smiled up at her sweet girl. I know her heart ached. Even more than ours did. She knew in her heart she would soon be leaving the care and raising of this little child to other hands and hearts. It would not be her hands that tucked her in at night, nor her ears that heard her prayers. But she had an incredible faith in God and complete trust in Him to see the job done.

More to come…

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