Last Weekend Fun!

Click on the collage to see the pirates and their trusty ships. They were watching Veggie Tales Pirate movie on Saturday morning…since I had not seen it before, I rather enjoyed it with them. However, Nana did NOT sit in a pirate ship. I sat on the couch. (I don’t think I could have fit into one of the ships….)

Now, I did want to say this to my sweet readers…while I am writing several posts about my sister, Wanda, I don’t want the entries to seem depressing to anyone…I would rather it be as a stroll—-taking the arm of a friend—laughing when it’s funny—and yes, we may shed a tear or two. But I am just sharing my heart—as I have not been able to do.

God has brought me very far. Very, very far indeed. God bless you and have a blessed weekend!

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13 thoughts on “Last Weekend Fun!”

  1. but finally …think on these things…and the things you have experienced in me and witnessed and heard. If there be any virtue…think on these things.Your heart is an open gift awaiting to be admired.storingsis my word verification

  2. Hello Angie ~ I love your pictures and how you did them.I’ve missed doing our study together. But guess what! My Tuesday Night study group is doing Jesus the One and Only. It is an in depth repeat of 90 Days with Jesus. What fun to do it again with my “in person” friends. Love you ~ talk to you later!

  3. I drop by frequently, and I must say I love your way with words, and word pictures. I have three sisters of my own, too. So reflections, retreats … it’s all good.Thank you for sharing such a precious part of your heart.Kathleen

  4. Looks like fun! I would sit on the couch too! haha! I would fit either! It always amazes me how you can give you kids all the toys in the world… but the most fun they have is with household items! lol… I am enjoying reading your journey.. yes, it is sad, but it is also a wonderful life lesson of grace, mercy, friendship, sisterhood and most of all love! I think it’s wonderful that you are able to talk about it! It’s the best thing to do. It’s a great way for healing the broken heart…. bless you dear friend….

  5. AAARRRGGGGHHH – shiver me timbers, maties! Thanks for sharing these little slices of heaven with us. And don’t worry about talking about Wanda – it is only “depressing” when we lose sight that we will all see her one day and that you, precious friend, will be reunited, That’s what I call the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

  6. You just talk as much as your heart wants to talk and I will stroll with you down that Wanda path…. I talk about my grandmother a lot…. She was my mentor and friend and life coach and she loved me so during the years I was out of control… Their bodies are not visible but their influence will live with us until we hug them tight on golden streets..

  7. Just Precious!!! come on Nana, get on the boat!!! LOL!! My grandson always insist that I sit on the floor with him while we play!! He doesn’t quite get that it’s not as easy for Nana to get up as it is for him!!

  8. This is SO wonderful. How precious. Isn’t being a Grandma something pretty terrific?!! Indeed! I have two precious little grand daughters.Enjoy your family.

  9. I’m sorry I met to also add that I’ve not been online regularly the past three days. I must catch up. I don’t want to rush through your messages on your precious sister so I will definitely read them.God’s love and warmth embrace you always. Lots of love.

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