The Eyes Have It!

Today—is the beginning —not of the New Year, for that day has come and gone, but it is the beginning of new studies—new reading—fresh moving of the LORD!

The picture above has absolutely nothing to do with what the topic is today. But I believe he’s a cutie pie—and he is so proud to be 7 years old!

As 2008 was ebbing out and 2009 was on the horizon, I had started thinking about what devotional book I would use for my devotions this year. I had several to choose from and I had used a gift book from mother last year written by Beth Moore, “Breaking Free Day by Day.” This year I wanted one to “write in”. I knew—the LORD had one particular devotion in mind. I believe that for all aspects of our lives. When we leave the choice with Him—He chooses the best.

I pulled out a couple of different “women’s devotionals” from my shelves that had been given as gifts over the past few years. They had not been written in before, mostly because I didn’t take the “time” to set out on a yearly journey of learning in one particular book—and the other part—I never could decide.

With the 90 Day’s with the One and Only completed before Thanksgiving—I sat back and reflected over those 90 days. I needed them. I learned through them. I was fed in a way during that study—that even going to church Sunday after Sunday had not accomplished for me. Why? This study was One on one. My personal—private tutoring with the One and Only. Jesus.

I wanted more of that. My heart craved it. I want in depth study. Not just surface stuff. I need what will get me through the tough days. I find it in His Word.

So. Back to my dilemma. Which one. Well—as I turned the first pages of several books—I found a special one among some books that had been given to me after Wanda passed away. Only fitting that this year—one of her books lead me to a closer walk with Him. It is none other than “My Utmost for His Highest Journal” by Oswald Chambers. Yes, I know. You’ve probably already read it. But I haven’t.

I have to tell you this, after I made my selection, I wandered back over the shelves in my study and found another Women’s Devotional which Wanda had given me in 2000. I had received another one just like it and had saved it. I briefly toyed with the idea of changing my mind over my choice…but something beckoned me to Mr. Chambers writings.

I don’t “peek” ahead to the days in the book. I want it to be a surprise. So, if you are a regular reader, you will be joining me on my surprises as I find nuggets just for me, from the Master amid the pages penned by Oswald so many, many years ago.

I will begin with sharing today. The fourth of January. I won’t go back to the first of the month on the blog—but if you have the book—read them for yourself. I just have to say—God hit me between the eyes with the very first day. And just when I started wondering if I had made the right book choice—He let me know without a doubt—I had. This was it! The second day’s readings came on the heels of a statement made by Jeff that morning. I didn’t get a chance to do the devotion until that night…and boy-howdee—did it EVER speak to my heart!!

John 13:37 “Peter said unto Him, Lord, why cannot I follow Thee now?” A question of timing. Oswald leads off with this statement, “There are times when you cannot understand why you cannot do what you want to do.” (Been there??) “When God brings the blank space, see that you do not fill it in, but wait.”

The blank space. How many times have we tried to fill in the blank areas? Like the silence in the room that you don’t know what to do with—sometimes, though, silence is the best choice. The blank spaces of our lives are for a reason. Sometimes to prepare us for “something”…other times—it may be used as a “rest” from something. I’ve had some blank spaces. We run around thinking—this doesn’t “feel” right. God simply says—wait child. I have something here I want you to “get.” Get it?

Oswald Chambers makes another statement—I would have sworn my mother made up! “Whenever there is doubt—don’t. Never run before God’s guidance.” You will find trouble every time.

There is much meat to chew on in the Word. Take some time and read that chapter (John 13). I am actually reading about Saul’s troubles when he started doing things on his own in 1 Samuel. Pray before you begin your reading. Ask the LORD to open up His word to you. Reveal things to your heart that needs attention. Kind of like “cleaning out closets” at home—I have been working on that too!

I pray that you have a blessed day—and come on back and share with me what you are learning!

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8 responses to “The Eyes Have It!

  • Technonana

    Hi Angie!!!Just stopping by to see what you are up to!! I started 90days with The Beloved Disciple on New Years Day, and will be doing Ester with My Women’s Bible Study Group starting this Tues.

  • Joanne

    Hey friend! I do enjoy that book too. I don’t think I have read it faithfully cover to cover, but have read enough of it to know that it is wonderful. How beautiful that you are doing a devotion from a book that Wanda gave you. She isn’t reading her devotion this year, she is dancing, and singing, and breathing and loving Him face to face. Praise God!Great minds think alike friend, I just posted something just like this tonight.Sending you hugs and hugs and hugs!!!

  • sailorcross

    I have read and heard so much about this book. “My Utmost for HIS Highest”–this is what I am yearning for–to be able to do my very, very best for HIS Glory!!I have had many blank spaces lately–spaces where I am left wondering what am I to do with these spaces and silences. Thank you for letting me know that I there is a reason–and I really did need a rest.Also God is preparing me for more work for Him–Hallelujah!!Beth

  • Regina

    Angie, I’m so glad to hear what you are doing this year. He also has hand picked a few things for me to do this year.I pray that God does “another” mighty work in 2009.Set your love on Him and you will see His salvation.Psalm 91:14-16

  • Gail W.

    Angie, I had to smile at your adventure in choosing ONE devotional book to focus on. It’s like having twenty packages under the tree, and you just can’t decide which one to open first. I am so happy to hear from you, dear friend!

  • Melanie

    Happy New Year, Angie! I love reading of how you chose your devotion book for the year. I’m sure it is great as that book was wonderful. I’ll be interested in following your via your blog as your study it this year.

  • ktwalden

    What a cutie! Those grandkids just <>know<> the look to melt our hearts.I haven’t read this book before, but from your post and the comments, it needs to be added to my collection.Loved the quote about the blank spaces! I think we all can relate to that and our(my!)impatience while waiting for things to come together as <><>I<><> may have them planned instead of how <>GOD<> has them planned is an area that is always in need of improvement. Thank you for the reminder!

  • Denise

    I have read that and have it here so I will read again and comment when I can…………. Have a blessed week

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