New Year

New Year’s Meditations

NewYear Laurel is having a giveaway….yup! Starting the year off with a bang! Her only requirement is to dig deep into your heart and mind and share your dreams or desires for 2009! (Not the lose 10 lbs thing—she said really ‘think’) It will be going on all week long for the first week of January 2009!

I have plundered my mind. It is having trouble. The thing is—there are many changes I want to make in my life this year. I’m not sure how spiritual some may sound…but here goes!

1) KNOW more of the WORD–devote more time to reading and studying the Bible—knowing the where and what—memorize more;

2) APPLY more of the WORD to my heart/life–PRAY more!;

3) Eat healthier (I didn’t say lose weight Laurel šŸ™‚ although that is a goal;

4) Cut the diet sodas to one a day….for starters maybe two a day…we’ll see….(baby steps) (drink more water);

5) I have some projects, sewing; writing; reading that I REALLY want to see completed this year—I REALLY need to organize my time better;

6) I want to encourage other women to follow Christ —I would love to witness and be a part of tranformations first hand!

There are other things rolling around with the marbles of my mind…such as downsizing our lives in many areas. Three areas will get major attention: Clutter; Spending; Wasted time.

Any ideas on this??? Okay—now click on the button—go to Laurel’s —read others—participate—and enter her contest to win!!!

Love you all! Happy New Year to you!!

12 thoughts on “New Year’s Meditations”

  1. You know what my “promises” are this year…colossians 3:17…I need it!You my dear have become a TRUE blessing in my life…whoda thunk I’d become “super fast friends” (say THAT 3 times) and begin TubScrubber Intl.:) Seriously….your heart and faith inspire me and knowing that God crossed our paths at such a painful time in your life just humbles me…that HE would use ME like that….okay…I’m tearing up…I pray for PEACE and JOY for you this year darlin! May LOVE fill every crevice of your life! and HEY, I better meet you in the real in 2009! Hugs!!lori

  2. Hello My Friend!!! Thanks for the Link!! And Happy New Year to you!!Dan and I will be visiting Florida again, but not the panhandle, we are going to Hollywood at the end of Jan. it’s a business thing!!Love You!Sharon

  3. Happy New Year Angie! Tell Aimee I said the same for her.I love you list of Hopes for the New Year. I will be praying that God will show up and show off šŸ™‚

  4. I relate to many of your desires! So thankful I’ve gotten to know you in 2008. I enjoy your blog and friendship. I loved the video of you you posted. You inspire many. Keep pressing into Him. Still nothing new on my blog. Hope to write something soon.Love you, sister,Tiffany

  5. Clutter, spending, and wasting time. I can go along with that too. It’s amazing how we can use up our precious time and energy on those things.

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