Gettin’ Ready for the PARTY! UPDATED**


First—girls, I apologize for being away so long! Life has been hectic! To say the least! If you know me…then you know a bit about how hectic! BUT I have thought about you ALL! Here’s a quick and crazy video—and a slide show of my Christmas decorations—for those that can’t come to the Women’s Ministry party tonight! I will post another slide show with the house full of guests/food/fun! So…girlfriends that feel more like SISTERS to me—-ya’ll come back!

**Technical difficulties with the slide show/video…sorry. ALSO—I arrived home to find a bunch of my sweet sister/friends from church already at my house! Setting up for the party! I FORGOT about getting my camera!

The food was fabulous! I will try some of the recipes and share them with you! We had several door prizes and then played an ornament exchange (dirty Santa) game! We had great fun! I sure wish you could have joined in!

9 thoughts on “Gettin’ Ready for the PARTY! UPDATED**”

  1. I love the pictures ! And your party sounded like too much fun…….. I will post tomorrow , I have been sick and just too busy like everyone else……….. Hugs girl……

  2. Sorry Laurel…I was driving…and holding my camera…and trying not to run over anyone…:) Does that sound good enough for the serious looks???? I love you girl! You always bless me!Denise—did you see the bears???

  3. Angie,What FUN! Your home is just adorable. Now I know that I not only need a hubby who can bake, but I need a girlfriend like your Vivienne.That cake just called out my name something awful. Goodness, how long would it take to fly over and grab me a bite?Love you girl!

  4. Angie, I love the Hillsong video & song you posted, & I really needed to hear that right now. Your home looks so beautiful & inviting. It was fun taking a tour! Also, I love your accent, which I probably would not even notice in person, since I bet you would sound a lot like me! lol Great idea for a video. Good job.

  5. Gorgeous, Beautiful!! I love the plaid curtains w/ the floral chair!! I noticed a cute little snowman on the front of the tree too…where’d you get that?Beautiful home, Angie, like your heart!

  6. Love all the pics, Angie. I really like those stockings that look handmade and all in different patterns. You are very crafty with making curtains. I love your house and all the decorations.However, I could’ve sworn that one of those stockings upon entry to the house was disquised as a purse. Haha.Sorry I’ve not been around. It’s been crazy. Visit when you can.Love,Paula

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