What He Wants for Christmas…

Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the
desires of thine heart. Psalms 37:4

If we truly delight in the LORD with all we are—His desires will become our desires. We will long for more of Him in our lives. More of His Holy Spirit operating in our hearts and lives on a daily, moment-by-moment, continual basis.

Take a moment—this moment. Don’t rush to make a comment to be counted. As I have told you before, comments is not what it’s all about. It’s about getting the message of Jesus Christ out there. To those that want HIM. To those that NEED and desire HIM. Close your eyes and sing along—go to the throne in your mind and give yourself to Him —ask for more of His Spirit. He will gladly pour His Spirit out on your life in such a way—you will be amazed…and so will those around you…

What about your lost loved ones? What about those watching your life? We all have those. Ask God to be WHO they see.

I love you girls! I am truly glad you came by.

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9 responses to “What He Wants for Christmas…

  • Joanne

    One of my absolute favorite worship songs. Thank you friend. When we moved to our new church, I have yet to hear this played. What a beautiful song of praise. This one could make me cry.When I worship I not only feel the presence of the Lord, but thoughts of my mother come to me. I believe that worshipping the Lord is a way to close the gap between our time and our loved ones eternity.So beautiful.

  • Denise

    This really blessed me, thank you. I want to be closer and closer to my dear Father. I love Him with all I am.

  • Becoming Me

    This was a blessing…thank you. I pray that above all things that I will love Jesus more and more…

  • ktwalden

    This is one of my favorite worship songs, also. It sums up the way I feel about my Saviour and the way I should live my life. Thanks for the reminder of the absolute importance of sharing this with others.

  • Denise

    I remember once a long time ago I am sorry to say… but when in worship before the throne room I found myself in the Holy of Holies…. I was at home that day……. It was the most awesome experience of a life time and I plan on going back a lot in this new year….. anyway,, when praying in the outer court of the things that were heavy on my heart and asking of the Father the many urgent needs in my life and the lives of others, the needs were overwhelming, but once I entered into the Holy of Holies, the needs vanished and there seemed to be nothing that I needed… The word tells us that we are approach the throne with boldness and ask what we will, but once we stand there, HE is all sufficient……. I want to go there often and let HIM be all sufficient in my life….. Then I know that HE is moving in those things that I have laid at HIS feet……Love ya

  • keeper of the chocolates

    what a wonderful blog. i feel refreshed after visiting πŸ™‚ thank you.so happy you visited my blog, so it could lead me to yours πŸ™‚also, thank you for the sweetest of comments on my giveaway. please visit anytime at all πŸ™‚God Bless,shelbi

  • Julie

    Hey friend, I love this song too….How in the world are you? Life is swamped here….My dad is going in for a very serious, extensive surgery next Tuesday. I’m a bit raw from it all. A few weeks back he was diagnosed with an incurable lung disease. I may have already told you that…. Anyways with all that’s going on, I’m just trying to keep one foot in front of the other, trusting…..You are on my mind today…Hugs,Julie

  • Chris

    Oh yes Angie! This is so moving. Thank you my dear friend for posting this song and helping me focus on Him. Him alone!

  • Donetta

    Big hug. Do you know who he is that loves you beyond any measure…Me thinks you do:)

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