Daily Archives: December 18, 2008

And the Winner is….

By random selection of the following names:

1) Gail

2) Denise O.

3) Regina

4) Bernadine

5) Denise W.

6) Janice

THE winner is (drum roll please…..)

Denise Oldham! Congratulations dear sister-friend!

I am sorry it took us so long to do this! We had GOOD intentions…but have been bogged down with many life issues! Aimee is hosting their church board members and families tonight for their annual Christmas Supper! She is busy!

Your package should be mailed this week—-Aimee is in charge of mailing 🙂 hmmm, did I mention she was busy busy busy today??

We love you all girls! We had a great time! Another one to come soon!

Keeping the Faith,

The Sisters!

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