Day Eighteen

The scripture text for today is found in Luke 4:22-30. Beth’s two questions are: 1.) “Why do people in the religious world make idols, stars, and celebrities out of Christian singers and speakers? 2.) In what situations do you face the adult version of “peer pressure,” having to make the choice between being yourself and being who others want you to be?”

These are timely questions – Beth didn’t know, how timely they were going to be for us, but God did! Many times we put our eyes on man and God wants us to turn our eyes upon Him. We live in a sin-stricken generation, but Christ is our regeneration! Man will fail us and let us down, but we must put our faith and trust in God alone. He alone is worthy of our praises.

I had to dig a little deeper in this segment of our study, but it’s good! My husband and I were going down the road and I asked him, why did he think Jesus made the statement, “a man is without honor in his own country”? And he said, “People don’t give them the same respect, because they think of them as just a “home boy.” Just like they said about Jesus, “Isn’t this Joseph’s son?” In other words, “Isn’t this just old Joseph’s boy?” They didn’t know who He really was. Our King… our Saviour….the Great I AM!!!

Beth recognized the fact, they were amazed, in vs. 22, at His dynamic delivery of His words, but their hearts didn’t seem to receive it. When we hear His word, do we say, “That must be for someone else”, or do we say, “What are you saying to me?” I pray, “Order my steps in your word.” Further on down in the verses, Beth points out their mood changes. The crowd goes from “admiration to murderous fury.” Do we do that? Allow our emotions to ride on that same rollercoaster? I read Patsy Clairmont’s book “Sportin’ a Tude”, and she “hit the nail on the head,” when she said, “our tude-ometer’s needle might be stuck on the hot side, and we need to park ourself in His presence until we cool down and wise up. We might need to look under our attitude to the hole in our heart.” (Okay, I climbed off the soapbox and I’m back in my chair. Hope everyone stayed with me.?)

When I read how the crowd treated Him, it made me wonder, “Does our attitudes sometimes run Him away from us?”

Beth’s prayer from God’s word:

“Lord Jesus, as we see You driven by the angry mobs to the edge of town, threatened with death by those who once gave you flattery and praise, we are reminded that You suffered outside the the gate so that You might sanctify us by Your blood. Therefore, we come to You outside the gate, bearing Your disgrace. For here we do not have an enduring city; instead, we seek the one to come (Heb. 13:12-14).” Amen!

Have a blessed day!

Keeping the Faith,


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