90 Days with Jesus Bible

Day Seventeen

Scripture references for today: Luke 4:14-21.

In reading this passage of Word today—several thing are mentioned by Beth that I want you to know. She quotes Luke 4:18 and gives the Greek meaning for the word “poor” which is ptochos— and it indicates: “utter helplessness; complete destitution; afflicted; distressed”.

How many have been in the pit of “utter helplessness”? Or, perhaps your pit was destitution—maybe affliction…distressed was a pit nearby…been in that one? I think, most of us, at one time or another could relate to one of these words—for “poor”. Maybe not necessarily poor in the pocket book—but poor in the heart. Poor in the spirit and soul. I have been in the poor of pocket book before and it can absolutely cause you to feel the others—destitute, helpless, distressed….and before long even afflicted.

Hang on to your hats girls…we are the ones He came for! He came to fill our lives to overflowing.

I am thinking of a young women I know, which could easily be you or me. She knows the Truth- that has not allowed the Truth to completely set her free.

When Beth gave the statement, “like beggars we grow from person to person with our empty cups crying, can’t you add anything to my life?” – I instantly had a clear mental image of this young women – carrying a sack of burdens and each person she went to seeking love and admiration – all she received was more weight in her already bulging sack. This is true poverty of soul.

Jesus came to preach the truth – bring the good news to the poor – heal the broken hearted – release us from our oppressing. And only when we cease going to others for our life answers, and turn completely to Him – will we ever have true and complete freedom. Then the heavy bag can be emptied.

When the young women releases the cumbersome bag to the Master – she is freed from her iron bands of bondage. She can be a dynamic testimony of what Christ can do, and longs to do, in the heart and life of each one of us!

Today I read an article of a singer/songwriter, that has allowed the enemy to infiltrate his life and ministry in such a way that he is completely blind to what is going on. The enemy has oppressed his heart and mind so that he perceives a false freedom in giving in to the sin that has clouded his vision. This false freedom is robbing him of every blessing the Lord had bestowed into his life.

In essence, he has denounced the life and ministry of Christ. He has chosen the wider path, the path that ends in destruction.

The last note for today is found in vs. 19. “To proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” I remember as a young teen, talking to a young cousin several times about his soul. About him not putting off giving his life to Christ. He always turned me down. Many years later, when I was in a backslidden condition, it was his mother that came to me at the close of a revival service (that I attended only because my granny couldn’t drive at night and she wanted to go), she talked with me and right there I gave my life back to the Lord and I ceased my wandering. I am thankful as well, that son of hers is a minister/pastor today!

I am going to close with Beth’s prayer. “Lord, You have said to the prisoners, “Come out!” And to those who are in darkness, “Be free!” Therefore, because of Your grace and power, we will feed along the pathways and will find pasture even on the barren heights. We will no longer hunger or thirst, and the scorching heat of the sun will not strike us, for our compassionate One will guide us and will lead us to springs of water (Isa. 49:9-10).

Keeping the Faith,


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