Day Ten

A quick surge of emotions flooded my heart, as I read the scripture text, and Beth’s devotion. The lump in my throat swells as I think back to the day-and-a-half our son was missing. He didn’t show up for school, didn’t show up for his afternoon job, was gone all night and into the next day. My husband was the first to find out when he didn’t show up for work. The search began, I could go on and on telling you all the details and maybe one day I can. Needless to say, the night was painfully too long and gut wrenching! I feel so much for people who have a loved one they cannot find.

Mary and Joseph went three days searching with their twelve year old missing. The heartache had to have been deep, so deep, they couldn’t describe. I’m sure they couldn’t sleep. I know, when our son was found and came home, the feeling of relief and thankfulness filled our hearts. Yet the question “why” was inevitably on our minds. Jesus was found safe and sound listening, asking, and answering questions.

Eleven and twelve years of age seem to be such awkward ages. I remember these ages very well, not quite a teen, but no longer a little child. Children this age are searching and have loads of life questions- at least I did. I picture Jesus gleaning and gaining knowlege from these men of wisdom. I believe it’s a message within itself for us to seek out those of wisdom to help teach us, mentors/elders, if you would, to help us with decisions. To seek those with more experience does not show weakness, but a teachable spirit. First seek Him, seek Him with our whole heart. Wise men seek Him. (Did you get it? That was a little funny.) Mary and Joseph sought Him, wise men sought Him, are you seeking Him?

Lord, I seek your face today. Teach me your ways oh Lord. Help me listen to you and be able to answer questions asked of me carefully and prayerfully. I love you more everyday. Touch everyone that is with us in this study. I pray you will open our eyes and hearts to your word. Thank you for life’s experiences and trials that draw us closer to you. In Christ’s Holy Name-Amen.

Join us tomorrow as Angie preaches to us!

Keeping the Faith,


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