Up for some visiting??

I have just the place for you today! I was just over at Mary Snyder’s place…I laughed—chuckled…and yes, got down to some real serious thinking!

I had a blast! Get over there and read—and tell me if you are just uplifted and encouraged…and remember—laughter is good for you….good medicine…and it is good EXERCISE! So really, when you think about it…you have killed two birds with one stone!

No, the picture is not of me—nor of Mary. But someone sent it to me via e-mail…and it was just too cute not to share!

Ya’ll have a blessed day….and remember—I am posting devotional blogs with Aimee (my baby sista), over at our “sister-site”—Sisters of Faith! There will be a give-away at the end of the devotion (in case I haven’t told you that before). So tag along, enjoy the journey as we follow Mary, Joseph—and most of all Jesus—our ONE and ONLY—He is after all, the Reason we started out. Be sure and let us know you are there reading along!

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8 responses to “Up for some visiting??

  • Peggy

    Ahhh Angie's…it's been a while since I visited. Came thru Internet Cafe…and the photo grabbed me so now I have to follow through and check out Mary Snyder's place & Sisters of Faith. You are so right about laughter!Thank you! Blessings

  • Paula (SweetPea)

    Angie,That was a hoot and I told Mary so. I also told her how I’m now actually excited about the election. McCain has had my support or rather Obama never had my support but now the McCain-Palin ticket is something really exciting and releases some of my anxiety and fear over the “wrong” candidate entering office. John Hagee (pastor at Cornerstone in San Antonio TX–he’s on tv) always says we need to take our Bible to the polls (not literally but we we know is in His Word).I really enjoyed Mary’s humor that highlighted the wonderful things about Palin. So, thanks for sharing!!Blessings,Paula

  • Denise

    I love you sweet friend.

  • Chris

    That picture is WAY TOO TOO CUTE!! I love it. Thanks for the smile~~~Love you lots!

  • Technonana

    I just Love this picture!! Just too cute for words!!!Can’t wait to visit!!!Love ya, Siesta!!

  • lori

    Hey girlfriend….Just came over to say HELLO:)The study sounds great! Things here are good…praying always for you…WISH I could stick some flowers in your mailbox;)hugs,lori

  • Pia

    the picture’s just too cute!

  • Mary

    Angie – aren’t you the sweetest thing! Sending people to visit me — I really do appreciate it. Today’s post (9/11) is something more serious, but read that one and scroll down for something a bit more lighthearted. Thanks again –you’re a doll.Mary

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