Tears of Sunday

Today feels like one of those days where I may just spend the day at the bottom of the falls. A waterfall of tears.

Why? Why do we go through spells like this? I suppose I need a good washing. No, perhaps not the outside, but maybe—the inside. The impurities washed away as my eyes are filled and spilled.

Yesterday I sat in the floor of my little study room sorting through papers, cards, handwritten notes and carefully typed pages. At one point all I wanted to do was cry. And I did for just a bit. Couldn’t wallow long though. There was, after all, a youngster in the house. Do you ever have those days?

Then Sunday dawns and every scripture passage I read sends a wave of emotion all over again. Then the choir sings and the boy misbehaves, distracting to those around us and out we go. He has bad timing. Just before communion. So we sat, the youngster and I, in our version of silence–which is not silence at all. I try to understand because I know he has some difficulties with understanding.

I think sometimes the Lord tries ever so hard to be understanding with us…because He loves us, and He realizes that sometimes we have some difficulties that we just can’t cope with. That’s where His grace and mercy comes in. Where would I be without it?

Probably on the floor of my little study room in a heap of tears. I Peter 5:7 says “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” KJV

Some days it feels like I am a fly fisherman. Constantly casting. There are days that they seem to overwhelm me. I suppose this was one of those weekends. But I know that after time spent alone with Him, in prayer and in His word, I will be renewed in my spirit and heart.

And that, dear friend is where you will find me for the next while. With Him. Casting my cares, fears and tears. He cares for you too. I know you have some of your own. Cast away…..

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15 responses to “Tears of Sunday

  • Laurel Wreath

    “I think sometimes the Lord tries ever so hard to be understanding with us…because He loves us, and He realizes that sometimes we have some difficulties that we just can’t cope with. That’s where His grace and mercy comes in. Where would I be without it?”I could not have said it any better my friend. BEAUTIFUL!!!Thank you for sharing your heart, you always bless me.

  • elaine @ peace for the journey

    Yes, sister, I have these kind of days. I had a few this past week. Tears serve a great purpose. They just do. It doesn’t always make sense, but it sure does feel right and good and cleansing. It’s in these moments that I feel so vulnerable and closely connected to God. He gets it. He’s prepared for it. And he is the best source of comfort in these days. Lean into that Comfort for as long as you need. You’ll be back up and running in good time. I sure do love Jesus, and knowing that he is caring for you tonight, makes me love him more.peace~elaine

  • Technonana

    Oh Angie… crawl up into those big everlasting arms and rest…

  • Lisa

    Angie…This was a beautiful, beautiful post. I loved your analogy of the fly fisherman — really rich and “took me there.” I got it. Thanks for your reminder in this post to quite literally “CAST” my cares on Him. I think I’ll do that tonight. 🙂And thank you for your really great endorsement of the book. I appreciate it more than you know.You are special and dearly loved! He sees you and knows you, Angie. Intimately.Big hugs and lots of love…Lisa 🙂

  • Denise

    Sweetie, I am holding you very close in my thoughts and prayers. I am asking God to be closer than ever to you. I love you.

  • lori

    You are NOT alone….I think we all feel like Fly fisherman as one time or another…imagine Jesus himself did too….many times…casting off to the father….Did you know that one of my dreams is to Fly Fish in Montana….on my Bucket List….before I die…THIS really hits home for me..You know I will pray for that heart of yours..I know it’s been long days…lots of casting and the arm gets tired…and that my dear is why we have friends to cast for us….and of course a GUIDE to know even before we cast what we are looking for…What a GUIDE HE is….love you!!hugs!lori

  • Tami Boesiger

    Oh Angie,I’m praying your tears WILL be cleansing and that soon you’ll feel refreshed.<>Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.Psalm 126:5<>

  • Tiffany Stuart

    I pray you find beauty in the suffering. I am sorry your heart is aching. God sees and comforts and heals us as we allow the pain to pour out.Cast away. I have my times of casting and catching and then I have times of casting and nothing. May this week bring you a harvest of love as you spend time with Him.Much love, my friend,Tiffany

  • Bernadine

    I thought of this poem I wrote years ago after a time of tears when I read your post. Praying that after the tears will come the laughter.A Letter of ThanksDear God,I thank you that when I’m in despairYou are always nearYou hold me close to you and dry my tearsYou remind me that some days will be like thisYou don’t tell me that I should not cry,Because you understand the reasons whyMy tears flow only to cleanse my soul,To wash away bitterness and leave it aglowMy tears don’t tell you that I trust you not,They tell you I trust you to dry them up.Through my tears I talk to you stillI tell you my heart and why I feel so hurtAnd when I’m finished talking to youMy tears are gone like yesterday’s news.Because you don’t scold me, but you listen to meThen you dry my tears and hug me to you.You place your joy within my heart, a dance in my steps,A smile on my face and a song on my lipsAnd lord for this I thank you.

  • Tracy

    My heart and prayers go out to you…specifically that you will feel the loving embrace from your precious Father in your hurt. May He comfort and heal the ache in your heart. Love & blessings,Tracy

  • Marsha

    Oh Angie, I understand! I was in that deep, dark place just a couple of weeks ago. I’m praying for you my friend. I know you will find yourself rejuvenated soon. “But as for me, the nearness of God is my good, I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all Thy works.” Psalm 73:28.Be blessed my friend.

  • Michele Williams

    Beautiful post. I have felt the same way many times. I love the analogy of the fisherman. Thank you for your honesty. It’s so wonderful that we have a God who cares so much for us that he wants to take our burdens from us. God Bless you and you family.Michele (Marsha’s sister)

  • Paula (SweetPea)

    I’m not sure how I missed this post. I guess blogger didn’t update my blog list. Anyway, it is a joy to hear of another fellow Christian at the bottom of the falls filled with tears. I do not rejoice in your tears but that I am not alone in having days such as you described. More often than not, I do incur those and they are just sad somber days. I praise the Lord for the new day that dawns after a valley experience. Thanks, Angie.Paula

  • Darlene

    I find myself in this place to many times lately. I feel as tho I can do nothing right and yet I know this thoughts are not coming from my God. To cast my cares is so hard at times and when I realize to do just this. I tend to pull them back in. Why? I don’t even know myself. Just know that you are not alone and when you cast those cares try to leave them at the feet of our FATHER!Keep pressing on,Darlene

  • Chris

    Angie~~I’m sorry that you are having sad times. You have a beautiful heart that cares and breaks for others. And you feel so very deeply. I love you! May your sadness break and your heart heal. Love you lots and lots. Holy Spirit be with you and in you…

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