It’s been a while….

but I hope I wasn’t away too long…just needed a bit of a break—getting started on a project—of Faith. To read just a “little bit” about it go here

Laced with GRACE.

(click on the link above)

g_servicesdomestic.jpgDo you know this truck? Well, it could actually be the “brown truck” or the truck with the “Purple and Green” or “Purple and Orange” letters—but for this story…it was the “orangey-yellow truck”.

Let me back up just a bit and give you some history. Not Abraham Lincoln kind…or even the grand opening of the first Wal-Mart kind…but this history is more personal. It is mine.

My sister, Aimee and I attended the incredible “She Speaks” conference. Yes, I know. You may have heard more than your fair share about it. But you haven’t heard what I’ve been saving for THIS day! —-okay—go click the Laced with Grace link………. for the rest of the story….

(My thankful Thursday is below….)

2 thoughts on “It’s been a while….”

  1. Angie,I laughed to myself when I read your post today. Would you believe that I too am asking forgiveness on my post today and tomorrow for ANOTHER She Speaks post…hee hee. Oh girl, our minds are so much alike. But when He puts it on your heart to speak, we must speak. I am learning that one.I tried opening the link to Laced with Grace above but it didn’t seem to work. It could just be that operator error on my part. It is almost midnite over here.Please give your precious sister a squeeze for me.Missing you!Love, JoanneI just can’t wait to read your post. It will be one of the first things I do after my time with Jesus tomorrow morning.

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