Amazed is the word that comes most readily to my mind tonight as I sit here thinking back on the events of the day. From start to finish…from neck hug of, what seems like “old friends”, the bloggers that I visit with, to meeting new precious women that have such a heart following Christ…with all their might! Amazed at where the Lord has brought us to.

If you look at the pictures in the slide you will see some “amazing women”. Sharing, speaking, writing and we are learning things that we will take away from this place to help build the body of Christ—simply amazing.

I want to share a little story behind the lavender shawl that is around both myself and Aimee. As we were preparing for this conference, a very dear friend of mine e-mailed me and asked me what Wanda’s favorite color was. I responded–all shades of purple. Arriving in my mailbox just a few weeks later, was the most beautiful Pashmina shawl. Lavender. The softest, most luxurious feeling when I wrapped it around my shoulders—but then when I received the e-mail relaying the message as to the why….well, girls I was a puddle of tears.

One Pashmina shawl for me…and one for Aimee, April Powell sent us these precious gifts to represent a “hug” from Wanda. So, with one end wrapped around Aimee, and the other end wrapped around me, we received our hug from Wanda. In a color that she would have chosen if she would have bought them herself, we were loved. We were hugged. Thank you dear sweet April.

Now, ladies—(and if my sweet man is reading)–tomorrow is back-to-back meetings! So, it is off to bed we go! We are two tired chicks! (Aimee is serenading me one of the old Lawrence Welk songs—“Good Night, Sleep Tight…pleasant dreams and all that jazz)…LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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