Daily Archives: June 21, 2008

Life Changing

If I could capsule the Conference for you in two words it would be “Life Changing”. I don’t think I will go home the same person. Oh, my face may look the same…same smile lines, same worry lines, same shell…but not the same person on the inside. I have hugged the necks of some amazing women that I blog with daily. I peek into their lives and they mine, as we share Jesus over a cup of coffe, tea or diet coke—all while living in different time zones! Is that neat or what! Whatever the case may be, we share a common bond and a common goal. Christ is the bond, sharing His love is the goal.

This next slide show will give you a few shots of some awesome ladies, Lynn of “Spiritually Unequal Marriage”, Joanne of “Blessed”, Elaine of “Peace for the Journey”, and Robin of “Robinznest”—I thought I had a picture of Kathy–my snow buddy (Blessed Builder)—but I couldn’t find it! I will look for her again tomorrow and get one!Girls, you have my heart! I love you all!
I wish that everyone could have come to this place of spiritual renewal.

I took a couple of pictures with my camera in the “Prayer Room”—girls, what I saw there and learned before entering will blow you AWAY. But, for the thrill of anticipation, I am saving that blog until I get home. It will ROCK your world. I promise.

As I sat listening to Luann Prater give her talk on “Preparing for the Battlefield Through Prayer”…well, I was a puddle of tears. Then when I went into the prayer room, well, let’s just say I had to go find Aimee quick because we had different classes and I told her—“YOU have GOT to SEE this!”. So,…have I got you interested???

Tonight, Renee Swope gave us a dynamic message on “The Shadow of Doubt”. I told Aimee as we returned to our room, tired but yet with such emotions overwhelming us, “that I felt like I had lived so many years in that shadow”…and as Renee said, it’s time to live in the shadow of the CROSS. It was an amazing presentation with some drama at the conclusion. A tremendous blessing.

Let me just encourage you girls, whether you are interested in speaking, writing, becoming a Women’s Leader, or just a better Sunday School Teacher, it is worth your time and effort to leave off a few “extra” wants this year and save your money to be a part of this dynamic group! Sell some furniture (I did), change a lifestyle, eat out less, what ever you need to do if finances are like ours are continually…pray for God to MAKE A WAY. But do your part. Plan to attend next year. YOU will be more than blessed!

We have our final session tomorrow. Then Aimee and I will journey back to Florida. PRAY—ladies PRAY! When we unpack…I will pull out my notes and give you the titles and speakers for the ones we heard. They were all amazing! You can purchase the CD’s of each session online through Proverbs 31 Ministries. I added the link to my title, so click on it! (I bought some new books too….ssshhhh—don’t tell Jeff—he thinks I have enough—but now really, can you actually have too many books? I ask you! It’s like shoes….you need one for EVERYTHING!!

I love you all—miss you all—and can’t wait to share with you about the “Prayer Room”.