North Carolina Bound!

Well ya’ll, as Aimee would say, “We have arrived!” Made it through Atlanta unscathed…
Jeff took our picture this morning…we were a “giggly pair”. Couldn’t help it. I had slept about 3 maybe 4 hours due to finishing up our work, and then couldn’t fall right to sleep. So it was with bleary eyes that I finished my packing—and waited for the sweet girl to arrive! We are wearing matching shirts that I purchased from Denise at Samaritan Woman and matching necklaces that I got just for this “project of faith” from Chris from California! (I will post links tomorrow—I am about to head to sleep!)

Next, our big stop at 7:00 this morning was McDonald’s for breakfast on the go! The kind lady at McDonald’s took our picture to mark our journey. Of course all this silliness soon ended. What happened? ….Well….Aimee drove us through Atlanta! More to come! Much love to you all!—Pray girls…pray!Beverly—thank you dear life long—best friend/cousin/bus ridin’ pal of mine!

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