Church Functions

Tables of Love

at Grace Assembly of God Church!

A wonderful time of fellowship and joy in the Lord, as we gathered together at Grace Assembly of God—at the Women’s Ministry annual “Tables of Love”. Several women created tables of thought provoking ideas of prayerful hearts and fruitful lives. Of course my favorite was “As the deer panteth for the water”… (my sweet girl’s table)

Encouragement in the word and song was brought to us by Nysa Wilkins of Panama City, Florida—with her testimony and the ministry of her heart for the children in the Ukraine. (Sorry, because of where I was seated, the pictures of Nysa were not as clear)

It was a special time of love….true love in the body of Christ as they shared their tables of love with all of us. Thank you sweet ladies of Grace Assembly of God!

5 thoughts on “Tables of Love”

  1. Angie……. do you attend a AG? The AG church in SandSprings Oklahoma just outside of Tulsa is where the Lord gave me such a foundation to build on……. I love the AG church but cannot find one here that I feel in my spirit is “home” I was a Missionette teacher for years and then a “Y” advisor… and then president of the Womens Ministry for a while… I miss it……..

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