Thankful for Gentleness

“You have given me the shield of your salvation, and your right hand supported me, and your gentleness made me great. You gave a wide place for my steps under me, and my feet did not slip. I pursued my enemies and overtook them, and did not turn back till they were consumed. ~ Psalm 18:35-37

I have seen “gentleness” in action. I have witnessed the sweet spirit of the Lord in others. I have been blessed with gentle spirited sisters. They were not so blessed.

I was the one with the “physical strength” growing up. The one that helped mother “re-arrange furniture—before school” (ya’ll see where I get it from?), on a morning when it was time for a “change” in the house.

I was the one that learned from Pa-pa how to crank the “chain-saw” (small one) so that I could cut wood for the fireplace in the winter. I LOVED doing that! I know that sounds crazy. He also taught me the correct way to chop what we called “lightered” –from an old “lightered stump” to start a fire with. Now, it seems you can buy “starter” wood!

I was not the gentle one. But my two sisters were. I was the “doer” —Action—must have been my middle name—still today—-I like staying active. But I love the gentleness in others…and wish it for myself.

God has a gentle way with me…in my “not-so-gentle-way”. He directs my thoughts when they turn harsh about certain things—back to a gentle flow. Just this week—I had trouble with my “gentleness”—especially when I heard that family that is near and dear was spoken of with un-Christ-like feelings —my gentleness meter plummeted. My “chain-saw” meter went up! Words can cut like a saw—leaving the affected one ragged and torn.

Lynn, of Spiritually Unequal Marriage prompted me to “watch closely” my words and thoughts. In her post “The Water Drop Experiment” (which we all need to read—again–especially me!) Her post reminded me of things I tend to “forget”—especially when someone I care about is attacked —by the enemy. And the enemy uses anyone willing to be used. I don’t want to be the used. I want to be the “gentle blessing” in someones life. As my dear sisters always have been to me.

The best example of gentleness I have ever witnessed on this earth, was from the marriage of my sister Wanda and her beloved Mark. You never really know what a person is made of until they are tried in the fire. As Mark stood by her bedside—with unwavering faith—the gentleness of his love poured from his heart by his actions, words and deeds. He has a very gentle spirit with those he loves and I am thankful that my dear sister was the recipient of such…for almost 26 precious years. Today would have marked that 26th year. Thank you Mark, for your loving gentle ways—and for everything you have been and continue to be for each one of us. She is celebrating with the LORD today.

I am thankful for my family. For the gentleness of the Holy Spirit—as He guides and directs my heart and mind. I am thankful for healing in broken hearts and homes. I am thankful for the loved ones that will be making that all important commitment to Christ….soon. By faith they are on their way!

Visit Iris… for more gentle—but thankful hearts!

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22 responses to “Thankful for Gentleness

  • Denise

    I love you my gentle blessing of a friend. I have been praying for dear Mark all day.His beautiful bride Wanda is shining in heaven today.

  • Lynn

    Oh Angie,I can’t wait to meet Mark and hug him. I still pray for him. Girl, you and I are working on that experiment and the Lord will take care of us.I am so anxious to see you at She Speaks in a few weeks. I love you. Sending you a giant hug (((((huging you)))))

  • Ann

    You know, I think when we aren’t well endowed with a gift, it makes us appreciate it more–thanks for your gentle post!

  • Susan

    Angie,This was so beautiful. I need to go over to Lynn’s and read that message!What a beautiful testimony about your sister’s husband!Hope you have a great weekend♥

  • Nise'

    Beautiful post Angie.

  • Melanie

    I want to be gentle, too. I was the more active one amongst myself and my sisters and always wished I was more like them. Of course, in God’s infinite wisdom it has all worked out as we’ve become adults and discovered the directions God had in store for us.However, I do still want to be gentle in my words and my deeds. How special that your sister’s husband was this type of man. The Lord knew she would need him in her life… right up to the end.God Bless you, Angie!Happy Thankful Thursday!

  • Marsha

    What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on gentleness.By the way…I’m jealous! I didn’t get signed up in time for She SpeakS!! argh!!! I’m so close (4 hours) and yet unable to attend:(

  • Cheryl

    Angie,I remember stumbling across your blog about the time your sister went to be with the Lord. Tonight, I come because of TT. What a beautiful post. You do have a gift with words.I’m sorry for your loss. My baby sister is fighting a very aggressive brain cancer. We don’t want to lose them sisters.Thanks for sharing your heart!Cheryl

  • lori

    Oh gentle spirit…I didn’t say QUIET…we are not! But gentle, what a wonderful word…I pray that I’m gentle with those ALL around me!!Praying for Mark today…he MUST have a spirit like no other…gentle and compassionate, kind and loving…and praying for the strength for the “rest of the journey.” Girl….you are right..the enemy does USE anyone willing….WOW, that is really something to think on….I don’t want to be used either….You are one of a kind! THAT is a wonderful thing!!I’ve got tubs to scrub..too much time pushing buttons last night!!:)hugs to you!!BIG ONES!lori

  • Robin

    Gentleness is a lost art in today’s society isn’t it? But it is a fruit of the Spirit and one we should work harder at.That’s a great post Angie. You always have so much to learn from.I sure hope we can meet at She Speaks – only two more weeks!

  • Tracy

    What a beautiful, beautiful post. I really want to read the post you spoke about (sounds like something I definitely need!)Reading about your sister Wanda and her husband truly touched my heart. I can tell there is much on your blog I can relate to and could benefit from…looking forward to stopping by again soon. Blessings,Tracy

  • Darlene

    Fabulous post. You always share your heart and that shows your gentle spirit! I need to work on gentleness. Thanks for encourging me.

  • genny

    Thanks for sharing your TT and take care…Have a blessed day..

  • sharon

    What a wonderful post – and you are gentle. I know, I don’t know you, but your gentleness of spirit comes through your writing. God bless you.

  • Linda aka yellowroseli

    I long for gentleness in myself also. I want my words to be gentle so not to hurt anyone. Thank you so very much for sharing.

  • Linda aka yellowroseli

    I long for gentleness in myself also. I want my words to be gentle so not to hurt anyone. Thank you so very much for sharing.

  • Cheryl

    Angie, as always you have a wonderful post. You do such a great job, when I start reading I can’t stop. You show “gentleness” through your words. Thanks

  • Chris

    Gentleness. What a wonderful post. I needed this, my dear friend. I’ve been wallowing in some non-gentle thinkin’ lately. And I know so very well that my sweet Jesus did not die for me to hold onto ugliness.Bless you. I sure do love you.

  • Darlene

    You are so funny. My daughter is actually a Auburn fan. LOL I tell everyone she was brain washed at a very young age. My neice went to Auburn. I am a Roll Tide fan….but I love to visit Auburn. Andrea has gone to cheer camp there and I love the town and college set up. People there make you feel so at home. I think Andrea is turning to being a Roll Tide… she loves the hounds tooth and I don’t think it will be long before she is rooting for them. She says she can go to college there and still be a Tiger fan. Time will tell on that one. Sorry, so long. I just had to respond when I read your comment. I could talk about Andrea all day. Have a good night or morning! LOL

  • Jenileigh

    This was so good. Thank-you for sharing this. In your picture you don’t strike me as the tough one. And just so you know I feel gentleness in your blog often! Hugs to you!

  • Denise

    Beautiful post girl friend… I am thankful for the gentleness of my Father God…. He is patient and speaks in such a soft voice when all other voices around me yell! Your post is so sweet about your BIL Mark and his tender heart toward Wanda……. She was blessed by God to have such a man… I think she would be shouting Amen if we could only hear…..Have a good weekend and know that I always look forward to your words….

  • eph2810

    Oh, dear – I needed to read your post tonight. Tonight I am far from gentle…lets just say I am a little on the edgy side…What a sweet testimony to your brother-in-law. On how has treated your beloved sister and you all…Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this past week.Be blessed today and always…

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