Watersports on Mother’s Day

They had no choice–it’s in their genes…boys that “see” water in a pool…no matter the size…must jump in….clothes, shoes and all!

Rylan just doesn’t understand why they got in with their shoes on….

Zackary says…”because you ‘posed to Wylan”…

little Jason says, “pway mommy, ‘ets pway!”

Hope you don’t mind me sharing pictures this week.

I am feeling rather wordless…
must be the weather….

I will be back to regular devotions next week….this week, let’s just share a bit over a cup of coffee…or tall glass of iced tea…sweet please…with lemon!

Zackary says, “Jason, deese shoes are heavy now…”

Janice, whatcha fixin’ for the ladies tomorrow night?

Aimee said you looked after her while I was away. I knew I could count on you! You are wonderful! Thank you for that!

A very special thank you to my sweet precious ladies and sisters-in-Christ from Marianna First….you read, you tell me you are fed–or enjoy it—it lifts my sometimes weary heart! It meant a lot on Sunday to hear those words. Thank you dear ones.

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