For Sisters of Faith

Purple Friday!

On Friday, we—the family and friends of Wanda—will wear purple, which was her favorite color. We won’t wear this every Friday, but since February 29th was her birthday, we will wear this every year on the 28th or 29th…As Aimee says, they have all sorts of other colors representing holidays or memorials…so we choose to make every February 28 or 29—National Purple Day. For Wanda. I think she’d find that a lot of fun! Especially if all us girls found some cute purple toenail polish!

We will be remembering her and thanking God for the privilege of having her as a wife, mom, sister, daughter, cousin, niece, and friend. What an honor to love and be a part of her life.

She waits just on the other side—

“Family—follow the Lord”

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