Three Heroes

The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon Him, to all that call upon Him in truth. Psalm 145:28

The Lord’s Part:

She was taught the way,
Right from the start,
To know and to trust in His precious Name.
As a child she accepts Him,
And made Him her own,
Jesus He was, Her first Hero He’d become.

A relationship formed very early on,
This is really when her eternal life began,
The very moment when she was “born again”.
He died for her and then He did rise,
With forgiveness and keys to death, hell and the grave
All neatly tucked in the palm His hand.

When she was well He was there,
When she was sick He was there too,
Her Hero, the Lord, touched her life,
Extending it longer than any thought He could do.

Sickness came, trusting still,
She kept on believing,
His mercy receiving.
As final hours drew her last breath,
She was crossing the finish line,
“This one is Mine” He called out to death.

And she knew He was holding her,
As He was all the time.
“I’ll love her, I’ll hold her,
I’ll make her all well,
This child, she loved me,
Yes, this child is Mine”.

The Mother’s Part:

She called her “Mother”, and so she was
that and ever so much more.
Standing strong and firm in her fathomless faith,
What a hero, she has been leaning only on the Lord;

Once holding her in her arms, singing sweet lullaby’s;
I’ll hold her, I’ll love her, I’ll make her all well.
Holding hands, keeping faith, trusting God.
So much love–too much even to tell!

Tiny infant so frail, tiny toddler too.
Doctor visits, just too many to count;
A determined faith she instilled,
In the sweet young life.

Surgeries, and uncertainties,
Found this mother on her knees.
I’ll hold her, I’ll love her, I’ll make her all well.
This mother’s pain, only heaven can tell.

Mother watching her walk down the aisle in a dress,
Wanda had carefully made for herself.
Beautiful daughter’s dream come true,
Smiling Mother, thankful heart,
Thanking Him for her too.

Another surgery, more prayers,
Mother on her knees,
She trusts, she feels, oh yes! She believes!
She is blessed beyond compare,
To any other mother
And only with Jesus, does her heartache she share.

Some twenty years later, Mother watches new mommy,
Holding sweet infant, love overflowing.
Joy expressed, amazing grace!
Another miracle we embrace,
Oh yes! We believe!

The Husband’s Part:

Fireworks sparkled in his eyes,
True love long waited,
Much to their surprise!
A giggle was born from her sweet smile.

Her knight in shining armour, her prince charming too,
All in one man, swept off her feet.
Carefully loving her, her hero, he was.
True love was born, true love so sweet.

For richer or poorer,
In sickness and in health,
This was the vow he made,
This was the vow he kept.

Sickness came too quickly,
Surgery followed swiftly,
Through determined faith and
Unwavering love, he held her small frame,
I’ll love her, I’ll hold her, I’ll make her all well.
Only heaven knew the fullness of this husband’s pain.

Flowers and candy and all things so sweet,
He made her feel special,
And almost complete.
Completely fulfilled,
Except for one spot,
The hole in the heart
Where only a small child could connect all the dots.

Much prayer and hoping,
Could it possibly be?
A miracle they needed
To make their family of three.

She came wrapped in God’s love,
Victoria Grace her name was to be.
For she was God’s gift to them, don’t you see?
Joyful hearts, two lives are now three.

Treasured days turned into years,
Mark, the hero, her man, as well
Cared tenderly for his blessed family he did,
The only crying seen now, was babies sweet tears.

Everyday was joy and such bliss,
Filled with love, hugs and many a kiss.
Time passed, sickness came.
Mark prayed with his small family,
Held them up to the Lord.
With unwavering faith,
He cared for them both.

Thinking of every possible way,
To make life easier for his dear bride,
His wife, his love,
His completeness of life.

Doctor visits, medicines, hospitals too,
Encouragement in his voice and faith in his eyes.
Together they prayed,
By her side he continually stayed.

Strong arms lifting her up,
Softly telling her of his love every day.
And he said as he prayed,
I’ll love her, I’ll hold her,
I’ll make her all well.
Of his deep pain, God in heaven could tell.

Her heroes prayed and held onto God’s Word,
Weakness comes,
They still pray,
Simply holding to
God’s unwavering love.

By her bed he sat,
Simply holding her hand,
Praying his heart, time and again.
God gave her this hero for her to wed,
“Not many husbands would be this good”
Is what we heard said.

The hero God gave her to love every day,
Stayed to love her, encourage and always to pray.
Slowly as life left her sweet body he spoke,
And cheered her on to the new life as he broke.

Tears fell unchecked down his tired, weary face,
We made it this far, because of God’s grace.
I’ve loved her, I’ve held her,
Now He’ll make her all well.

Mark, we cannot express our full gratitude to you…for the love we saw in your deep devotion to our sweet sister. Always doing something to make her life easier. We love you, our dear brother, our life long friend.
Keeping the Faith,

The Sisters (Two here, one There)

Family, don’t cry for me now.
For the place I am saving,
Is for the way you are each paving,
That others should know Him.
As we were all taught.

So love one another,
Clinging only to Him,
Know that I’m whole now,
And happy with Him.

For you all I’ll be waiting,
Just a hop skip and jump,
Soon you’ll all join me,
Why, you’re over the hump!

Remember it takes dedication,
Determined heart too,
The way won’t be easy,
But this I know you can do.

For you’ll be led by the Master,
His hand you hold tight,
And remember to love Him
With all of your might.

Talk to you later!

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