A Little bit of Christmas Poetry…hee hee

I wanted to share a “bit” of our Christmas with you…..
As you enter my house, our cards are the first to greet you…well-wishes of friends and family, near and far….and a few included pictures to remind me how beautiful they all are….

Next you’ll see the kitchen…but I didn’t show you that…it is cleaned up….I must have a nap

(kidding…no nap…but that’s all I could think of to rhyme)

Above is our tree…now with presents it is filled….ready for my family to arrive….the kids just can’t keep still!
I tried to put a little Christmas touch….

in every single room.

This is a picture of a favorite family piece…my mother’s old hutch.

(Was a wash stand and my Pa-Pa did a bit of adjusting…it was green…then white…now it is gun metal gray)

My mother came over and fixed my table piece…she is creative….

and passed that gene to my sister Aimee…they both help me out from time to time….which makes me just elated! And the stockings were hung on the plate rack with care…

in hopes that my family would soon be here to share…

All the Christmas blessings we have received….

and our prayer for you this new year….would be to just believe.


Okay…enough of that….I am a poet and didn’t know it!—-Kidding —again….this girl can’t rhyme….

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3 thoughts on “A Little bit of Christmas Poetry…hee hee”

  1. You too funny, Angie – cute poem 🙂 I just love the hutch – my kind of furniture – I even like the blue color you have painted it – awesome.Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your home with us.Be blessed today and always.

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