Train Rides, Cow Tongue & Happy Anniversary

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I am a few days late in posting our monthly “update”.  Please forgive.  Our lives have been running non-stop it seems, just as yours has I am sure.

We have had a few new experiences I wanted to tell you about:

  • We took our first train ride to another city.  VERY cheap.  Less than $2 each!  We were able to visit one of the tourist sites there; the Basilica in Cartago, Costa Rica.  If you want to read the history, the construction and the details of what happens even to this day at this site, click the link provided.  It saddened me beyond explanation to discover:    In August the Basilica is the object of extensive pilgrimage and visitation by about 2.5 million believers throughout the country, many of whom join in the celebrated 22-kilometer walk to the basilica during the Romería. Though many people start the pilgrimage from locations all over Costa Rica, some, as a demonstration of their piety, choose to crawl the 22 kilometers on their hands and knees. Excerpt from wikipedia  Think about that for just a minute.
  • Cow tongue.  Yes,  you read that correctly.  Now, some of you readers may have had this before, but not this Northwest Florida girl.  Nope.  That’s one of the several parts of a cow I have always declined even THINKING about ingesting.  However, our friend and fellow missionary, Carolina Sislo cooked two in a crock pot with her special recipe (which she shared with the class in case any of YOU want me to pass the recipe on), and she made cow tongue tacos.  Jeff and I both ate one.  It had a similar taste to pot roast.  I probably won’t run to the store and buy a tongue to cook, BUT if I needed to eat it again, I would.

Tomorrow will be another new experience.  I can’t tell you what it is because Jeff is surprising me.  It’s our 35th anniversary–and we are just going to do something different than the normal fresh market run on Saturday.  I think he has a little cultural visit lined up.  I will let  you know after this weekend! 🙂   (We would celebrate our anniversary if we were home, so I’m thinking language school should be no different!  THIS is a biggie!  35 years!)

There’s one thing I WISH we could do but at this point cannot.  We can’t share pictures of all the amazing work God has led us to do….there are no bricks being laid….no children’s crusades going on….it’s just us.  Day after day, getting up, going to classes, listening hard, writing in a language we are trying with everything in us to comprehend.  We come home from classes and Jeff usually takes a long walk–sometimes we go together, sometimes I snag a fellow missionary girl (I’m still calling myself a girl, so anyone under the age of 90 qualifies) and we go for coffee down the street and encourage one another.

We are farther along-language wise,  than when we came, and we are learning more everyday.  It just takes a while.  I have noticed that I have difficulty now spelling ENGLISH words.  I have to really think sometimes about the word–especially if it’s one we’ve been using in class that is similar to the Spanish word.  We know you are praying…we feel it.  Please continue.  Some of you message us and tell you are thinking about us, praying for us, or that a Knight Transportation Truck was seen in your area…and that made you stop and pray for us.  Wow.  Do you know how that blesses us?   As we said during our itineration to as many churches as would have us, we wanted that truck to remind you to pray, and you are doing it!  We aren’t related to them, but wouldn’t it be nice to have them on board in support!

God has this.  All of it.  Every single moment of our days.  If you are wondering and worrying about something in your life, take a moment and remember that HE goes before you.  Always has.  Always will.

We have a grandson who just celebrated his 12th birthday (without us–insert sad face), but I recently found a note I had written and stuck in my Bible years ago, that he said to me:  “Nana, what if God slipped a note under my pillow that said He loved me?”  

Well, Jason, He does love you.  And He loves us– and every single person in this world.  So much so that He called people to do their best to let the world KNOW that He loves them–enough to send His only Son to die for their sins.  That same grandson had some awesome things happen just a couple of weeks ago, he was filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit.  He called me and told me.  His words, “Nana, I was crying and smiling at the same time!  I just couldn’t stop”.  OH how I wanted to be there.  But God has chosen this time and this place and I cannot argue.  I wouldn’t.  But it doesn’t stop this “Nana heart” from aching.  This was God reminding me that HE has got them.

Another grandson called me on his way home this week from his first Forward Conference with Jentzen Franklin and told me how God had touched his life.  And he had a birthday this week.  Again, without us (insert another sad face).  What he said was, “Nana, I cried like I have never cried before.  I felt God speak to my heart.”  I asked him if he going to tell his mama? (I knew she would tell me if he didn’t)  “I’m gonna tell both of you!  I felt like God was telling me He wanted me to do what ya’ll are doing.  He wants me to take the Gospel to the world.”  (Insert tears and happy crying!)  He’s a 14 year old miracle.  All our grandkids are miracles, JUST LIKE YOURS!

God has shown His love in so many ways in the past months–but one last thing I want to share with you.   Several weeks ago I was having a difficult day.  On the heels of a sleepless night – and I was talking to the Lord about “Why did You call us?  What are we that You would choose us?  We are older than these young learners.  Will we be able to do what You ask of us?  Being away from family is much harder than either of us thought…”  The way the Lord answered my question was different, it came by way of a phone call from my baby sister, Aimee.

Aimee, had a dream about our middle sister, Wanda.  I had had several dreams about Wanda, and I always write them down–but I couldn’t remember Aimee sharing one in a long, long time, so I was eager to hear it:

“I dreamed about Wanda last night.  I dreamed she knew she was going to die, but she looked good and I put her little face in my hands and said, “When you get to heaven, will you ask Jesus to go ahead and come get us so we can all be together?”  And Wanda said to her, “Aimee, they all don’t know Him”.  Aimee said, “But they have all been told, because this ain’t a foreign country”.

When Aimee told me about it she said –-“that was crazy—I was only thinking of where I live.”

How I needed that reminder of why we are here.  We had made up our minds that we are willing to struggle if necessary with the language, and leave our precious grand babies and families at home…so others will have a chance to know Him.  They all won’t accept Him.  We already know that.  Just look at the United States of America.  But for those who WILL accept Him–we go forward.  As hard as we can.  Hurrying along the way.

I leave you with a few pictures.  The most important, my darling sweet man.  I am so thankful for him-for the past 35 years.  Married life for us has been the sweetest gift from heaven.  While it has not been problem or crisis free –The Lord has given us a love that continues –and I will be forever grateful for this giving, loving, serving, witnessing, man that God blessed me with.  The best daddy to our girls and best pa-pa to our boys.  Jesus has been so good to me.

Thank you again for keeping up with us! For praying–and believing!  That means more than you know!   If you are new here and interested in what God has called us to do and want to be a part, you can go to our AGWM site and support us in prayer.  Or perhaps you would like to partner monthly or even a one-time donation!  We are grateful for anything–and everyONE!

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Sacrificing Normal

Exactly one month ago today, our lives changed.   If you had told me I would have experienced some of the emotions I have felt, I might have stared at you in slight disbelief.  No one prepared me for this feeling, the deluge of emotions that have encompassed my days.

I was talking with one of our girls last night and expressing some “slight mama worry”….and she said, “mama, give me back to Jesus and stop worrying”.

That’s the first thing you have to do when you step away from the altar of surrender, you must let go.  Let go of the “thought” that you have any control whatsoever of anything that happens at home.  Because you don’t.  Of course, I never had control anyway, but it sure is a nice thought to tuck around myself at bedtime.

This has been an especially difficult week simply because of that old enemy, “discouragement” when I don’t get it right.  On the upside, I was able to carry on a half decent short conversation with one of our uber drivers this week.  Surprised myself.

We have the absolute BEST profesoras here at Cincel.  They are patient and kind.  Correcting with a heart that wants you to “get it”.  I love that.  That’s just like the Lord.  He corrects us with a heart that wants us to “get it”….and release it to HIM.  This gift of being able to learn the language that will enable us to minister when we get to Bolivia is just that, a gift.  Not one to put up in a closet, but one to use daily…and I so bad want to get it and use it.

That’s our biggest prayer needs:  Strength to overcome the discouragement, and the ability to comprehend, hear the sounds, form the words, and get it right.  There have been several fighting various illnesses, from allergies, to viral issues, etc.  We need to all stay well!  Add that to the prayer list. 🙂

We’ve had a few friends contact us this week to encourage us and let us know they are praying–you have no idea how much that is appreciated!  That makes us not feel so separated from you.  YOU are so important to us.  YOU are part of this team–this mission team headed to Bolivia.  We thank you every time we go to the fresh market on Saturday’s.  It’s because of your support that we can get the things we do, and because of your support, God will enable us to GET THIS language and share His love with those who have yet to hear about His great love.

Jeff and I thank you.  Words cannot express it enough.  I had a friend contact me this week and said that the Lord had prompted her to double their giving.  Then her husband’s job situation changed somewhat.  But she continued to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit…friends, that message came to me on a day when my body was tired, my mind was aching from the discouragement of not getting “it” again in class that day and I was simply full of “what is HE doing with us…two old[er] folks in this place surrounded by young people and young families…. But HE called….and we raised our hands and said “yes”.

We felt a compelling with every single missionary message we heard.  We knew one day God was going to do something with us, but actually moving and serving ON the field never entered our minds.  Our work first started by giving.  We support several missionaries, and we are thankful to be a part of a mission work that we can’t actually “go see”, but we can help keep them on the field…reaching the lost.  And that is exactly what YOU are doing with each donation.

So thank you.  I cried the day we left and hugged our dear brother (from another mother), Floyd Aycock as he left us at the airport.  I felt like the last thread of my normalcy was leaving on that red truck.  But this is a new normal.  And the “normal” seems to change as it become necessary.

I suppose I didn’t pick up on the fact there would be so many “different” sacrifices.  I told a friend just tonight that one thing I missed (when she asked me what I missed) was the ability to hop in my car and go anywhere, anytime.  Independence.  I never heard a missionary talk about the sacrifice of their independence.  I heard them talk about lack of water, electricity, I heard them talk about parasites, and sickness, but not independence.  That one struck me.  I loved to get in my car and GO.

This week I looked up the word, Sacrifice.

Sacrifice:  the surrender or destruction of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim.

It hit me like a brick; the lost.  We must surrender the desired independence to learn the language to reach the lost.  Granted, I won’t have any more independence when we get to the field… but I will be able to converse with the people.

I want God to so fill us with the passion to learn this language that our thought processes are “on fire”, as one of my teachers said this week (when I got three in a row correct–blind miracle!).

Thank you all for praying–for keeping up with us, for sending us notes via email, instagram, linkedIn and facebook.  It has helped me so much.  I have read every one and read them to Jeff.  We are encouraged by your love and care.

Tomorrow is market day (Farmer’s Market) and I hope you will join us via instagram or facebook when we get to post our pictures!  We love you all!


© Angie Knight 2017.  All rights reserved.

sacrifice. Unabridged. Random House, Inc. (accessed: May 27, 2017).

Pushing Through

We have probably all read the P.U.S.H acrostic , pray until something happens…

IMG_1943In reading my devotion this morning it took me to look at some truths in our lives- not just mine and Jeff’s- but in every believer.

What happens when IN the urgent, knee buckling circumstance -prayer doesn’t get answered the way we had hoped?…..

We keep ON believing and praying. For HIS will, not our own.

When the loved one dies, instead of being healed on this earth; when the divorce is final; when the teen rebels; when the money runs out; when the house burns down; when the car won’t start; when the pink slip is issued; when the cupboard is bare….. On and on we could go- & you probably have so many more circumstances in your life you could list– but what do we do–as believers when we pray for that miracle– and yet the circumstances don’t change? We remain.

We remain clinging to the One who saved us. The true and only HOPE of this world.  We pick ourselves up, and carry on.

The miracle DOES TAKE PLACE. THE PRAYER IS ANSWERED, however, in a way that brings all eyes to HIM as He does restore our soul and leads us in the path of righteousness– always.

Our dire circumstances does not negate who He is or what He can do. HIS goal is to reveal Himself to us and be revealed to the word through us.

Weep sister (and brother), in the struggle, but don’t forget Who called you, paved the way for you, and has great plans to use you…..

Push your way through the bars of your situation that has seemed to close you off and bind your heart -and look to HIM,…..and give HIM praise and glory all along the way. In THIS, others shall know — HE IS THE CHRIST.

“He renews my life; He leads me along the right paths for His name’s sake. Even when I go through the darkest valley, I fear no danger, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff — they comfort me.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭23:3-4‬ ‭HCSB‬‬


Photo from our market day walk in San José, Costa Rica

(c) Angie Knight 2017. All rights reserved.

Pardon the Dust

Have you ever seen the sign that says, “Pardon the Dust”?, in a store when it is under a remodeling, but they are still  open for business?  Well, that is pretty much like my life.  I won’t speak for Jeff, but he would likely say the same thing.  My area is really dusty these days.  More so (in my mind) than the cancer days.

I told a new friend this week that [language school] seemed to be designed to do what the chemo did….kill off things that doesn’t belong.  Then we learned what the name of the school meant; in Spanish, cincel means to chisel.   Appropriate, don’t you think?  I think many of the new students have felt the sharp edge of the chisel this week.

We are on day 4 of classes and I will do my best to share enough, but not too much that  you get cold feet if God is speaking to your heart about missions.  But in reality, if God is speaking to you….there is no amount of things I could say that would scare you away.  You are in it for the long haul.  Just like us.  Be advised though, the enemy won’t like your decision–just as he didn’t like ours–BUT GOD HAS BEEN FAITHFUL.  Through everything!

Our days begin early–Jeff slipping into an altogether new routine here, and myself as well.  We get up early (Jeff, often around 4:00).  He has always been an early riser-but I think this place calls for even earlier–simply because such deep God conversations need to take place.  And listening.  Escuchen….to listen.  Above the voices in my head, I am learning to listen more to the Holy Spirit when He gives a direction.  “This might hurt….but it’s for your good.”

There, He sets me on the block.  Chisel and hammer.  Dust is flying.  I am noticing some things in me that needs correcting.  I need to be more sensitive.  Not quick to judge or assume based on what my eyes see…but to listen.  He blows His holy air on the form sitting still on the block.   That’s me.  The tears I shed based on what I feel, the weaknesses in me, wash away more of the dust.  He is working to see His image in our lives….

That was like chemo and radiation.  “This might hurt, you will feel many changes, but it’s for your good”…. I think God prepared me in some ways on HOW to look at things so that I would not crumble (quite so much).

I have two friends who, one just this week lost her daughter to cancer, and our cancer journey began approximately the same time, and another dear woman is losing her husband, even as I type, to cancer.  And here I sit.  Healthy–preparing for a work God has set before me…and I cannot explain even the least amount of the whys of that.   But God’s plans are perfect and I will not try and understand HIS understanding for the Word says, it’s way beyond me.

We are grateful for our monthly supporters and daily prayer partners.  YOU have no idea!  When I wake up in the morning–I know someone is praying!  All during the week, I trust and believe someone is still believing with us that God has much in store!  And their support continues so that we may journey on.

Each day in class (so far) I have felt so close to tears at times because there is NO English spoken by the teachers.  It is brain numbing.  There, that’s the chisel again.  Learn a new way.  Open your heart, mind, ears and listen.    Admittedly, I come home and go to the bathroom to let the tears fall.  It’s a release.  Don’t feel sorry for me, pray with us.  We need to learn this.  The culture, the language, the people.  Once the tears are dry, I feel better.

I learned just yesterday, the best thing to do after class is go for a long walk.  So, Jeff and I walked yesterday, about 8 blocks, mostly uphill, to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  Let’s look at that miracle for a minute.  UP HILL.  The backstory of this is I finished my last round of radiation treatments that took place every single day for 6 weeks the WEEK before we left for Costa Rica.  I hardly had energy to pack.  I had beloved friends, one at a time, come almost every day to lend a hand with our packing.  I couldn’t even “think” clearly from the residual effects of the chemo yet, here I was packing with help, and then just a week later arriving here.

The walkway to our apartment is such a steep downhill trip, that first day I was so afraid I would fall face first–but I didn’t.  Sure, my knees ached afterwards, but look again at the miracle.  YESTERDAY, we walked over 8 blocks one way mostly uphill.  Of course I was sweating like a horse when we got there, but my mind was clear.  And we did our little shopping, enjoying the air conditioned grocery store…then we had to carry our packages back…all 8 blocks.  Thankfully, my precious husband carried the two stuffed bags and I carried the umbrella.  It rains every day.

New things.  Every day something new.  A new experience, a new feeling, a fresh mercy from God.  We are learning now to live without the air conditioner.  I have the blessing of two fans that Jeff bought after we arrived.  THAT is huge to me here.

I look at many things differently.  The dust that is gathering at the base of this Sculptors stone will soon be blown away again, and He will look to see what else needs adjusting.  Hammer will continue to strike and I can count on sitting in this spot, under His chisel until He feels it’s time.  I’m done.  I’m ready.  Then, I’ll go Home.  Not to an earthly home, but to my heavenly home.  All the while the chiseling and hammering is happening, work is being done, through me and on me.  He will use me however HE sees fit….just as He will YOU when you say “yes, LORD, I’m willing”.

In the meantime friends, please pardon the dust.  He’s still working on me.


[We are very grateful for a new supporter this week!  If you are interested in becoming a prayer partner or a monthly supporter–or BOTH, please feel free to visit our agwm site,]

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The Eagle Has Landed

I had promised to keep you up-to-date.  I have kept my word on facebook…but for those who don’t use facebook, this will be the official site for newsletter updates!

Wednesday morning, around 1:30 for the Tallahassee airport– we felt like two kids at Christmas–waiting for mom and dad to get up and open presents–in some ways–and then in another way, I had this pain in my chest.  Not a medical pain, but an emotional one.  Leaving my grandsons knowing they will ALL encounter growth spurts this summer–and if Rylan gets any taller, I will be looking way UP to see him!  His shoe is already an 11N.  He’s 15 and one of our 5 miracles of grandsons.  But God has given us so many other miracles!

Can I just tell you a few?  Well, the calling for one, at our age….then the approval…again, at our age, that was another miracle….then us both being ordained last May… Then my cancer came right in the middle of itineration.  Someone asked me if I thought it was an attack of the devil or if it was just something that happened.  Well, honestly I suppose it could be considered either one.  If it was an attack from old slew foot to get us to stop in our tracks…sorry, didn’t work.  We had a prayer team that was AMAZING and never stopped praying.  And we didn’t sit down and feel sorry for ourselves either.  We kept putting one foot in front of the other.  THAT is the only way to get through anything.  Do not stop.  Stay in connection continually with Jesus and allow The Holy Spirit to do HIS work ….as HE did in my heart and life and in Jeff’s.  Jeff was my hero (still is).  He cared meticulously for every detail of my day–reminded me when he thought I was doing too much–of course my body reminded me of that as well.

But God had a plan through ALL of that.  I met some amazing people; doctors, nurses, technicians, receptionists, other patients, and I was able to share God’s love and passion for the lost with every single one.  Makes me tear up now just thinking about this marvelous journey.  God walked me straight through 6 months of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments, ending it exactly one week before take off!  He was true to HIS Word, Isaiah 43:1-2.

But now, thus says the Lord, who created you, O Jacob,
And He who formed you, O Israel:
“Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by your name;
You are Mine.
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned,
Nor shall the flame scorch you.

God also gave me a glimpse into my sister, Wanda’s life.  That humbled me tremendously.  If we ever, you and I, get to sit down and talk in real life, I will tell you about the humbling.

The EAGLE landed on Wednesday around 9:30 a.m. (we left Tallahassee about 6:30 but there was a time zone change).  The heat slapped me silly.  NO joke.  I don’t mean silly as in funny, but as in not expecting it quite as brutal –and I’m told we “ain’t seen nothin’ yet”…..

We were met at the airport and taken to the school (quite a drive since traffic was a bit crazy), and we were introduced to our arrival coach family.  Ed and Miriam Bosch.  Amazingly wonderful people.  LOVED them before we met them! Loved them more afterwards.  Miram had bought us a few days of  basic food to get us through until we could go to the store.  Sweet!

My first day was an emotional one.  I remembered the tears in mother’s voice the last time we spoke…and I remembered the last hugs we gave to our girls and their boys…and I remembered….until I had to JUST STOP.  I knew that road was a dangerous one.  We are here for an assignment and if I kept that up, I knew I would be a mess before we start!  The assignment:  LEARN THE LANGUAGE!  This is a must in order to be able to minister in Bolivia. 

God is good.  The heat got to me the first day and I literally felt like I was melting.  But God is good and sent breezes to cool us down.  It was heaven sent.  Reminded me of times picking peas and we would get so hot –but just before we thought we’d pass out from the heat, here would a breeze come and help us finish up.  That’s God.

Today, I’ve nested and straightened everything up except the kitchen cabinets.  But it’s a tiny kitchen and won’t take long…and we’ll tackle it maybe Monday.  We will be out of pocket on Tuesday-Friday.  No facebook updates or messages.

Oh, before you go, let me assure  you, Jeff bought me two air conditioners.  Not the kind we had at home, but two medium sized floor fans that the next student here will reap the benefit of.  One for the living/kitchen area and one for the bedroom.  God provided before we left home for these things.  HE knew before we got here that there would be things we hadn’t planned on–like the extra $$$$$ needed for the extra luggage.  I forgot to tell you about that!  The little guy who graciously helped us get it in the airport at Tallahassee just shook his head and said, “I don’t even want to guess how much that will be”…..but God provided.

When I think of the things He did to get us here I just shake my head in disbelief…then I remember I am HIS child.  What I would do to help my own ….HE would do that and more…

And because of HIS great love, He’s sending us and all these other students to THEM.

Can I tell you one last thing?  Don’t think for one second that we are special.  We aren’t.  Get that notion right OUT of your head.  We are just human.  We encounter issues and problems and have reactions to them, just like others.  We aren’t superhuman or super brave.  I get scared about the same things you do.  But God has proven Himself to both of us over the years and we know we can trust HIM.  Jeff and I are here to learn, and serve- and to go forth and serve and do whatever we can to fulfill the burning passion and call on our lives.   We can only do this by the prayers of the people lifting us up to God and He will empower us…and we rely on those prayers and HIS strength.  Daily.  Please don’t forget to pray for us.

And if God so directs your heart to help us in any way- we would love to connect with you!  We are both on Facebook and I’m on Instagram and Twitter.  We would enjoy having you on this journey with us either way!  Hang on tight!  I think the road up ahead is filled with interesting things!


Angie Knight

13 Days Away

We are 13 days away from stepping into what God has been setting up for us from the beginning.  How do I know that?  His Word is clear:

Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.
And in Your book they all were written,
The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them.  Psalm 139:16 NKJ

Truthfully, the unknowns are a bit scary to me (Angie), but I cannot find a single moment in my life–and especially these last 8 months where God was NOT there.  He has covered my life in every way imaginable.  EVEN on the days when the chemo was so strong I felt nothing but the “weirdness” of it.  And in that memory, the memory of His presence in my life during those tough days, I rejoice and steady my pace and walk forward into what HE has for us!

We have worked in the itineration process of inviting others to join this effort–and many have.  Friends, family and even a few we’ve never laid eyes on have joined this journey!

If you are a newly appointed missionary–and just putting on your running shoes, don’t be too disappointed in the pastors who don’t return your calls.  Give them another opportunity.  But REJOICE in the pastors who DO call you back and invite you to share your heart–and KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN.  God will bless you in AMAZING ways during this as you soak up His presence in their services!  THAT part of the journey has been especially sweet!  From red-back-book hymnal songs (which I was raised on), to the modern day worship songs–God’s presence inhabits the praises of HIS people!  You will always be in the right place at the right time if you follow on His heels.

I’ve got trunks and suitcases scattered about the house and stuff stacked here and there and more decisions to be made than you can shake a stick at.  There’s SO much we don’t know how to do–but we have a missionary mentor appointed to help us–and I firmly believe  God set that up as well.

In 13 days we will kiss our babies for the last time for 8 months.  Our two baby girls who are in their “30’s”, but they will ALWAYS be my babies–and our grand-babies.  All 5 of them.  I had lunch with April yesterday and as her tears threatened to spill, I cautioned her–if she started so would I.

If you would add us to your prayer list–wow! We would be so honored.  I cannot ask that enough.  And, if you would like to help support us for the next 2 years –even $10 a month is HUGE to us!  You can click here: OR, even a one time donation would go a long way in helping us on the field. You can click the same link and just choose, “one time gift”.  We are honored and blessed with either.  I never knew all the expense of getting established…and from what I hear, one might need to take out a loan to buy peanut butter in Costa Rica…. uhm…we will take our own.

I’ve been so blessed to get to share my testimony of God’s faithfulness and His calling two “old folks”, like Jeff and myself, with doctors, nurses, technicians, and several others walking the same or similar cancer journey.  I know God has a reason for every single thing He puts in our path….I want to be submissive in ALL things to Him….(and it is hard at times–don’t kid yourself into thinking it’s a piece of cake…) And He has been PATIENT with me.  So has Jeff.

My hair will be gray the next time you see my “real hair”….ha-ha.  “No chemicals” for a while Dr. Nanfro said.  “OKAY”, I said.  Wow.  That’s pretty hard too–looking in the mirror and seeing someone different….But…in that gray haired reflection is the same woman who fell in love with Jesus and gave herself to following Him wherever He led.

In 13 days He’s leading us forward….

We Wanted to Tell YOU First

We interrupt your regular scheduled FRIDAY programing to make an announcement:

WE are incredibly grateful to announce that as of this week, final clearance has been issued to us for the field!  Did you just spill something?  Did you just spit out your coffee?

After all the things that has transpired these past 8 months–we are beyond grateful!  We couldn’t have made it to this point were it not for our faithful and committed monthly supporters.  They have combined our cash on hand with our monthly supporters to get us to get us to this point–meaning:  we still need a few monthly supporters.  Anything is helpful.  Truly.  Our youngest supporter sends us $10 a month and it is absolutely precious to us.

We leave April 26 and have so much to do.  Our car must be sold, the remaining (what we haven’t given to our girls) household items must be sold as well as the packing.  I began packing a few weeks ago in faith that we would make it to the goal for the school term in May.  We will be in Costa Rica for 8 months studying non-stop (from what I understand from former students) and then back home for me to get a couple of medical tests in December then it’s off to Bolivia!

God has been so faithful –shown Himself powerful over and over throughout our medical ordeal this year.  I am now “portless” as the chemo port was surgically removed last Friday (woohoo!).  It was such a relief to have that out.  I was talking about having it removed a few weeks ago in the presence of a couple of our grandsons and the youngest one said later, “so Nana, are you DONE with cancer?”  He said it in such a way that made me laugh because it sounded like he had been waiting for me to do something for him–in a boy-like-impatient tone.

“Yep!  I’m done with it!”

God has done miraculous things during this process–much of which I will share as time passes I’m sure- great lab results being a BIG one.  God has reminded me that HE called and HE will make it happen in HIS timing.  The book of Isaiah has been my go-to for reading, support and strength during much of this journey.  I will share some of that as well in the coming months.

I am sorry for not having blogged sooner.  Chemo took so much out of me–it’s hard to explain unless you’ve been there–and I truly hope you are NEVER there.

Be on the lookout on Facebook for the yardsale announcement-and keep praying.  PLEASE keep praying.  We’ve got so much to do–and while I’m gaining strength daily, I realize I’m not 25 any more! (haha)

“You are my witnesses”, declares the LORD, “and my servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe Me and understand that I am He.  Before Me no god was formed, nor shall there be after Me.”

“I am the LORD, and besides Me there is no savior”.  Isaiah 43:10-11

Let the packing continue!

Interested in supporting?  Go here:


Life Stuff and General UP-date


Well friends, Christmas 2016 is in the memory bank and the New Year is upon us.  Right around the corner-so-to-speak.  In a matter of hours.  Has already happened for some of our friends living in other parts of the world…

Many unexpected things happened this year–many things I journaled–God words to my heart- for me alone-and some that I will share with you.

Several members of our family have gone through their own ordeals-as I am sure yours has as well.  Seems the devil is ever on his job–but we KNOW that God is watchful and is equipping us all for the battles that lie ahead…and are currently ongoing.  He is our strong deliverer–and HIGH TOWER.

We just KNEW we would be preparing to leave for Costa Rica (language school) this month-but God had other plans–and we humbly and gladly submit to what HE has planned because we are in this for HIS glory, not anything for our own selves.

I think that it’s specifically powerful that the verse of the day from is this:

I am the Lord, who opened a way through the waters, making a dry path through the sea. “But forget all that— it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.  Isaiah 43:16, 18-19 NLT

Years ago, The LORD brought this passage to my attention when I was going through a particularly difficult battle, today, it’s needed just as much.  A reminder that HE is in charge and NEW things are on the horizon.

Jeff and I are still working on our monthly commitments, meaning: we will need your help.  We are getting closer, but we still have much to do to get there.   We can’t do this without God lay it upon the hearts of others to help us for the next two years.

Beyond that, I don’t know what God has in store.  We will gladly stay in Bolivia until He calls us home–or we will go wherever HE sends next, but this we know–we must do what He has laid on our hearts to do.  That is, work with the children in the schools He has opened up to us in Santa Cruz, and continue to build churches for the villages where there is no Gospel Door open.


There have been extreme forces fighting against us- the biggest one it seems, cancer.  But, we are over half way to completion of my treatments, only 6 more to go out of the 16.  The next step is radiation for 6 weeks and I have a dear friend who is currently walking that road just ahead of me.

God had the right team lined up for this medical mission on this side, and I have no doubt He will continue.  My biggest problem is on the days I feel good, I try and do as much as I possibly can to make up for the days I can’t.  For a “doer”, this has been a rough go.  However,  I have done well I think, and from what my oncologist has said, a “prize pupil”, or patient.  That’s all God’s doing, and all because of the mighty team of prayer warriors who have diligently sought God on my behalf. Thank YOU!  You are a HUGE part of this mission team!

Jeff has delivered his heart in many churches over the past year, I participated in the delivery until “chemo-brain” sort of held me back, but they say this is all reversible and I look forward with great anticipation to the day when I can bring a “word” again.    For now, I smile, hug necks, shake hands and am glad to be in the mix of things!  If you are wondering why you see so little of me in blogland, this is why.  I want to give God my BEST, but for these past few months of treatments, it seems I struggle with writing as well as talking.

It has felt so odd being a “by-stander” when I have always loved being in the middle of what God is doing, but I have “felt” His presence nonetheless.  And it has been powerful.  Believe me, I’m taking notes.  I have been writing in my prayer journal to record for later, this road.   Though muddy, messy and ankle twisting at times, it is one that I have seen God do miraculous things and I wouldn’t go back and change a thing…

We have just a few months to be ready to go.  If you are interested in helping us monthly, go to this site:  (You can also give one time donations–we are eternally grateful for any and all help!)  We plan to leave in May, 2017.  We have already started packing…

Have you ever tried to do something that YOU KNEW God was leading you on and had the enemy fight so hard that you struggled in your heart to keep you focus clear?  That’s where I am tonight. I KNOW God has called us– He woke me with ideas earlier this week for the children… and just as quick as I get excited about that–the enemy comes and tries to steal the joy from that.

We can’t see all that is ahead, but we know and trust the Hand that leads us.  We will not stop until we feel we have done all that He has required of us.  He is doing a NEW thing in this NEW YEAR and we are excited to be doing our part!

The road up ahead will have curves, hills and even rough terrain, but HE is with us…all the way.  We are looking forward to seeing you in 2017!



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The Cup of the Called

In reading this morning words from Oswald Chambers, I was struck by the purpose of them, let me see if you hear what I heard:

“In the natural life our ambitions alter as we develop; in the Christian life the goal is given at the beginning, the beginning and the end are the same… our Lord Himself.  We start with Christ and end with Him–“Until we all attain to the stature of the manhood of Christ Jesus”,  not to our idea of what the Christian life should be.  The aim of the missionary is to do God’s will, not to be useful, not to win heathen; he is useful and he does win the heathen, but that is not his aim.  His aim is to do the will of his Lord.”

This past Sunday as we stood in a church and sang a song that caused my heart to spill over…

Here are some of the lyrics (by Kari Jobe):  

The more I seek You…the more I find you…
The more I find You…the more I love You…. I wanna sit at Your feet drink from the cup in Your hand, lay back against You and breathe, feel Your heart beat.  This love is so deep it’s more than I can stand, I melt in Your peace, it’s overwhelming…”

As I stood there singing about the cup, the song describes, reminded me of the cup that Jesus asked to be taken from Him…if it could pass … but if not, He was willing to do the will of The Father.  Whatever it took from Him.  That cup would signify His willingly given life.  The cup didn’t take His life…He gave it.

The song, sung in many churches, by many youth and adults alike almost sounds like the cup is a nice cool drink of lemonade and the breeze is blowing through your hair as you lean back on the chest of your Savior.  The song is beautiful.  But that’s not how I hear the song anymore.  I hear it and taste it differently.

The cup is offered.  The calling of missionary life is held out as a sign board with the cup offered being the requisite to get there…. it’s bitter.  There’s no sweetness of the sugary lemonade inside.  Beyond the cup and the sign reading “drink me”, there are thousands of children, snotty noses, dirty faces, rotten teeth, bare feet, half clothed and hungry.  Hungry for more than food.  They hunger to know the One who they’ve never heard of before…the One who can set them free from the life of sin…a sin they may not be even aware they were born into–and behind them–their parents.  Clinging to their lives of whatever suits them- whatever gets them by to the next day.  Alcohol, drugs, abuse…whatever it may be.  See, they have the same issues we do in our country…yet they have very few who can tell them that there is a Better Way.  The Only Way.  Jesus.  The Way, The Truth and The Life.

We were beckoned.  We were called–for me it was as early as 2010.  I felt a stirring like none other experienced in life.  It was more than the “altar call” stirring, it was a complete surrendering call.  Seemed easy enough.  Then we started up the mountain.

I won’t bore you with the details of all the hoops we jumped through in the application process.  That was just a warm up for what was coming as God began to mold and shave off pieces of us that was unnecessary.  We both wanted Him to have us ALL.  Not just pieces–but we WANTED Jesus to come in and stir us and remake us into the usable vessels that would be of most use to Him–shining the light of Salvation into the darkness of the villages in Bolivia that had never heard the name of Christ.

We were well on our way, progress in our budget and monthly support was showing improvement.  Language school was just around the corner in January….then the cup.

The cup offered was bitter.  A surprise.  Unwanted–until I stopped and remembered these words of Oswald I had read years before (2010):  “The aim of the missionary is to do God’s will”

We don’t draw straws.  We can’t run into the “calling store” and choose the way it will go for us…because remember I said a month ago, this journey, it’s not all about us… 

So, with every taste of the bitter cup, I envision the mountain Jeff and I climbed in October, 2015 with Pastor Joel Morales, in an area that is darkened by the sin and life of sacrifices on worldly altars to pagan gods.   The darkness overwhelmed me so much that as I gulped for air to breathe while we climbed, my heart ached and wept for the lost souls there.  It was truly an overwhelming day and it literally took me a few days to get over the feeling of sadness and dark depravity that shrouded the mountain like the fog that held it captive.  But we climbed on.

The same with this.  I’ve been warned of the harshness of what goes in my body to kill even the most microscopic cancer cell that may be lingering–the cup is indeed bitter… but there are lives at stake….I must finish this cup to get to the next part of our journey.

Some people already think we are nuts…at our age.  But if your child, sister, brother, parent was about to hurl head long into the lake of fire and brimstone–wouldn’t you want someone, no matter their age, to come to help pull them out?  Me too.  We go so that others will know….and others will go.

Time is short.  If you aren’t being called to go, you are being called to send.  If you ignore either calling,….oh friend…

If you want to help us get there with a 100% budget, our link is:
We appreciate every single prayer and dollar.  EVERYTHING MATTERS.

Our most precious supporter is one young girl–a dear dear friend of mine from Sneads, Florida named Kaylee.  Giving all she has.  Her allowance each month.  She and her mom and sister brought me homemade banana bread yesterday and mighty powerful prayers.  With every bite of that bread I felt the prayers they surely prayed as they baked.  God will use every single person to win the lost–if we are willing.

Are you going to climb the mountain with me?  Are you taking the cup and joining the called?  Be a goer-or a sender.

[Sidenote:  we expect to be completed this treatment process by early next year and ready for language school by Spring sessions–pray with us that God performs more miracles than we can write about!]

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Santa Claus, IV’s and Missions

Before you scratch your head about the title not matching what’s in the blog–hang on and keep reading.  It fits.  Trust me.

Everywhere I look in the Word…I find Him.  I find peace.

I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.   My soul shall make its boast in the Lord;The humble shall hear of it and be glad.   Oh, magnify the Lord with me, And let us exalt His name together.  Psalm 34:1-3

Even when the day doesn’t go as we plan….we need to take a deep breath…it’s according to His plan.  That is hard to do when we prize our plans so highly!  I mean–we PLANNED…worked it all out in our minds and likely even decorated the plans!  Right?

Lately, I have learned a valuable lesson– I use the phrase my Mamo used all her Christian life, “If the LORD wills, we will do this or do that”….every thing she planned on left room for God to make changes.  She had peace and daily rested inside that nook of easy breathing…the crook of His arm.

We had “intentions” of being in language school in January, but after receiving a phone call from one of my oncologists, and a followup letter with further explanation, that it’s for “my good”, I realized this was God at work. So, there are next language classes that take place 2017 and we will catch the next ride… Even in this deal with breast cancer, we have met so many in the medical field that have been so encouraging and positive about our assignment–they must have put it in my chart that we were headed out on assignment for the KING, because every single doctor has said, “this won’t hold you up”.

I can’t remember if I shared this with you or not, but my surgeon, Dr. Randall Nichols in Dothan, AL was one of the surgeons on my 2nd mission trip to Honduras!  I enjoyed meeting him then, his wife and daughter, as they spent themselves for others on the mission field (every year)- so knowing he was my surgeon for this event made my heart glad.

The second person I met that day was Santa Claus.  Truly.  He is the real-deal-Santa who gives and shares his life each year with children in hospitals, adults in nursing homes and more.  He is the Hospital Santa for the employees children and he is the resident IV Santa, meaning he works for the anesthesia group.  He showed me pictures of his grands and told me stories and kept my mind occupied instead of worrying.  When I was wheeled back to the waiting runway for surgery, I was stretched out waiting-and the worries commenced.  Santa must have known his next assignment was me–because he pulled up a chair and started talking.  As he began to start my IV, he laughed and said I guess everyone can’t say that Santa Claus starts their IV.  I laughed and said it would make quite a blog!

I shared our mission- and what God had been doing in our lives as we have gone to Bolivia year after year and maintained the connections with each church and villages that we’ve worked in.  God did all that for us.  That was HIS idea and plan.  And it’s not over.

After Santa Claus got up and moved on to the next patient, the young nurse who was had been assigned to start mine came over.  She asked me who did my IV and I told her Santa Claus. She smiled and looked over at him with the next patient–she knows him well.  She looked so familiar.

I asked her name, told her she looked familiar–as sometimes we see people often in Walmart and then the face remains familiar.  But she had a different familiar look.  So I jumped out on a limb…. “Did you go to Honduras in 2013?”  She said, “Yes I did!” with a bright smile!  Then she told me her mission experience.  My surgery was wrapped up in mission people.  God had me in the right place at the right time.  He even included Santa Claus.

They are worth it. God is sending us for these and many more like them.

Both my oncology doctors have expressed complete confidence in this journey and the outcome.  And that we will be on the mission field leading lives to Jesus in no time at all.  We are needing more monthly partners…are you interested?

Yes, the enemy has tried his best tactics–from inadequate monthly support to sickness-but let me remind him and you….God gave us the orders, the burden on our heart and the call in our lives…and until God says otherwise, we are moving forward with all His plans.

What’s so special about Bolivia?  Our heart landed there in 2011 and never left.  We’ve both been to other countries, but this one–this one got into our skin and heart and we feel a kinship with the friend we met there.

Santa Claus can’t get us there.

But God can and will through every supporter and contribution.

If you are interested in  helping, click this link.  If you can’t right now, surely you can pray?  We need such prayer warriors fighting and storming on our behalf.

Today, after my first round of chemo, they attached the “turtle pack” as my doctor referred to it.  It will do the next necessary step…I thought of my friend @BarbaraKeene and knew her turtle pack was loaded down with prayers…for many people.  Friends and strangers.

My daughters have a special group of ladies who are praying and fasting each week–and I feel and have faith in the power of their prayers.  I have been so amazed at the cards and notes of encouragement.  Some cards have been filled with Scripture verses and I’ve looked up every single one.  Wrote them out in my prayer journal and noted who sent it.  There is Power in those words.  Santa Claus didn’t write it…The Holy Spirit operating through man did.

This was not meant to be a big devotional blog–just more of an update for our family/friends who have been wondering.  God is faithful.  I don’t know what you are facing today–but God is more than able to be right with you and He will even put people in your path to let you KNOW that you’re on the right path.  Did you read about the mission doctors and nurse?  Yes.  HE did that.

He will do for you…because HE loves YOU.

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