Feel the Love

There are days…probably for most all of us….when we feel a bit “down and out”. I remember when our girls were growing up there would be days when they would be so pitiful and say with such passion, “nobody loves me”

Haven’t we all felt that way? We know in our deepest heart that we are loved, but somehow the pressures or stress of life so overwhelms us that we start sinking into ourselves and the enemy can cause us to believe that we are nothing special….not lovable….not desirable….completely forgettable. But sweet friend…that is not so at all.

I love to get things finished—accomplishing all the tasks in a day would be SO amazing!

There are ringing phones at all business offices and it keeps the day super busy—but often much work does not get completed.  I remember one particular day in 2007 when I was busy answering a 6-line phone system and was getting frustrated.  But there was one call that stopped me in my tracks and wrangled my full attention.

At exactly 3:16 p.m. the phone rang and it was a man named John.

Did you get that?  The call came from John at 3:16. And the Lord’s message to my heart came through LOUD and CLEAR.

“Angie, I do love you, and I care about every detail of your life. But I need you to focus on Me. For I loved you so much….I gave My All. So that you would have ever lasting life. With Me. Do you understand child?”

This particular man named John called the office frequently. As does many other people each day.

So why did John call at exactly 3:16? Why not 3:17? Or 3:15? Because my Father had a message. For me. Since it is my custom to take down the exact time and date of each and every call… God knew I’d notice. Since we use duplicate message books, I had a copy of the message I took to prove this call came. When the call came, God’s love flooded my heart. 

Weeks before this call came, I was sitting in a doctor’s office waiting to meet with the one who supposedly had the answers for my pain.

The Lord showed me exactly Who has the answers to not only my pain, but the healing as well. Not only the healing, but He has the answer to the questions in my heart. No, the answers may not come when we ask. Sometimes the answers come after a time of trial. So that we can see.

He wants us to see with eyes of the heart (spiritual), and not just eyes of the head (physical).

I saw a cross made of two nails sitting on the desk. I was thinking of all the things I should be doing rather than “wasting time” in a doctor’s office. If you know me at all….you know that going to the doctor for me is the ultimate last resort. When I have exhausted every home remedy known to mankind, then I will go to the doctor.  

Do we treat our “soul needs” the same way? When we have exhausted every effort in trying to “fix” whatever the problem is our self, do we then go to the Father?  

The words on the plaque where the nails were said, “Feel the Love”.  The sharpness of the nails were intended to remind us of the eternal love of God.

When you are feeling unloved, in pain, left out, alone, scared, depressed, heartsick, burdened with something you can’t seem to put a name to, place your hand on the nail. Feel the love—it came with the pain of everything we could possibly endure today….and more. For He loved us enough to die for all the sins we would ever commit. Not just you and I. But for every single human being in this entire world. Living, dead or yet to be born. All of us.

This may seem an odd devotion for Valentine’s Day, but I am sharing this today to remind you that you are loved. He proved it when He left the throne–further proved in the manger, then the cross—finally, from the tomb when He arose.  His love is like none other. 

So precious friend…if you are feeling unloved…. Put your hand on the nail.

The sharp end.

Feel the love.

© Angie Knight 2023.  All rights reserved. Edited from “If You Don’t Feel Loved”, December 15, 2007 by Angie Knight.

Also published with permission to the February 2023 edition of StreetTalk Magazine.

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