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Curve in the Road

100_4486focusforwardonwardWow.  That is a word I use a LOT.  It lends itself to describe my feelings on a lot of things…from the good to the bad…even to the ugly.  It depicts my astonishment over many things… It’s what I wanted to say when my doctor looked at me in a sort of nervous way- and said the words “cancer” quickly, as if to get them out there in the open air–might relieve some of the stress she was feeling.

Her first words, “Well, I don’t have good news for you” hung suspended and I wanted to hit the rewind button and back track and maybe even have a re-do of the past few days events.  But that wasn’t happening.  It was there.  The test run- the mammogram and the ultrasound with the biopsy all told the facts of what was under the skin of me…but just so far.  It couldn’t get to the heart of me… that’s for God to see.

I sat on the back porch, ignored the obvious humidity and heat and drank my coffee at the beginning of last week and I felt a weariness and dread come over me–it knocked me backwards in my spirit.   A few months before I had discovered what could be a life altering lump.  I followed all the routine and advised things- and it went from “we see it”–to “it’s shrinking, must be a cyst”.  But then things changed.  And last week Fear sat on my porch–had the stinking audacity to do so with my Bible right in my lap!  And Fear whispered all the nasty stuff in my head….All the what-ifs played out in my mind.

What if you have cancer?

What if you can’t get to the mission field?

What if this is it?

What if you …….?

I cried.  Admittedly that was a bad day–an emotional day.  A break-down day.  A day when I didn’t want to see anyone… but I had my Bible in my lap and it was open to the Psalms… I had been doing a lot of journaling from the Psalms…and praying.

“God is our refuge and strength, a helper who is always found in times of trouble.  Therefore we will not be afraid, though the earth trembles and the mountains topple into the depths of the seas, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with its turmoil…” Psalm 46:1-3

“When I am afraid, I will trust in You, In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not fear.”  Psalm 56:3-4

Then I reminded myself (do you ever have to remind yourself of things?), I reminded myself WHOSE I was.  What HE had told me–and that HE had set our course–it was not something I designed and picked out…it was ALL Him, baby!  And if He went to the trouble to set so many things up– HE had a plan to use this.

My baby girl and my sister both said they had asked God to give it to them.  I reminded them, God doesn’t “give” cancer.  God gives good gifts.  

If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!   Matthew 7:11 

BUT, God will take the things that happen in our lives and work them for our good–or someone else’s.  It may not be about us…granted it may be happening to us or in our lives, but it may not be about us.  He will strengthen us–and help us–but it may be for someone else all together.

I know you want to say, “do you mean God will allow someone to go through something tragic just for someone else?”  Remember Jesus?

Don’t think for one second that I have it all figured out and that I’m totally good with it all.  I’m not.  I don’t have it figured out and honestly, I am afraid of what Friday will be like, and the disfigurement that comes with breast cancer….and the pain.  No, I’m not good with it–but I’m good with my Father–and I know HE has me in His hand and I’ve never left His sight…nor will I.

God has given me His Holy Spirit in advance…so that in times like these….His Presence never leaves me…ever.

I cling to this–HIS Word is true and He is faithful-throughout all generations.  His faithfulness didn’t end when my God-fearing, Bible reading- church going grandparents passed away.  His mercy is brand new every morning–and He is faithful to see and care for His children…of which I am one of.

Be gracious to me, God, be gracious to me,  for I take refuge in You.  I will seek refuge in the shadow of Your wings until danger passes. I call to God Most High, to God who fulfills His purpose for me.  Psalm 57:1-2 [emphasis mine]

I don’t have all the answers.  Honestly, I couldn’t sleep.  And I had been rolling it around in my head for 48 hours–how I would even say this.  But it’s said now.

If you are a mission supporter for us–Jeff and I want you to believe with us that we WILL be on the field at the time God has already picked out and the time we’ve had on our hearts.  We are still believing for our budget to be 100% by December of THIS year.  Whoa!  Did you just do a doubletake?  I believe God can do anything.  I believe this is a curve in the road and that up ahead is a victory none like we’ve ever experienced.  We kindly ask that the mission supporters keep supporting… be a part of what God is going to do through your hands and our lives–in Bolivia!  Don’t stop just because we can’t see what’s next…HE CAN!

You do know that the enemy will pull all sorts of stunts to keep the Gospel from getting out there… and he’ll stop at nothing–so that means we’ve got to be more determined than ever before.  We must be ever diligent about fully giving ourselves to Him–even if we have to do it every-single-day.  All over again.  At every obstacle…and around every curve in the road.


© Angie Knight 2016.  All rights reserved.


There was a week in Bolivia we spent without social media.  Can I just tell you it was great–with one problem:  I couldn’t let my mother know or “see” by way of pictures (unless we went to town) that all was well.  She had to trust God.  Wow.

I have been reminded of the years we spent raising our children that THAT is the ultimate thing to do–and then keep doing and pass it down to our children!  TRUST GOD.

This morning, I was reminded of a time of major trust in God when I was a young mother myself.  Jeff was at work on the oil rig somewhere off the coast of Texas, and I was alone with our little girl getting ready for church one Sunday morning.

We lived on a dirt road out in the country–the nearest Piggly Wiggly was about 12 miles away.  Walmart was just beginning to appear in small stores across the nation, but the nearest one was about 25 miles away.  We lived in the only house in Alabama on our dirt road because the nearest neighbor was across the Florida line.  Sounds deep wooded doesn’t it?  Actually, it was only a mile to the nearest house.

It was a normal Sunday morning with the rushing of getting ready for Sunday School–me and my one little girl, and it was pouring rain.  It had rained all night and since our dirt road was clay and known for its slipperiness when it rained, I was already planning the best way to get out and get to church.  S-l-o-w-l-y.  Very slowly.  In low gear.

I was in the bathroom, having completed the dressing and hair-bowing of my girl, and almost ready myself when I hear “kah-thunk”– then a scream.   I ran from the bathroom to find Tiffany in the floor beside the dresser with a huge goose-egg already forming on her temple.  I have to say it scared me to death!  I immediately called my mother-in-law.  She was nearest to me.  I told her what happened and after I put two and two together I felt like I knew what Tiffany was doing.  Jumping on the bed and watching herself in the mirror.  I mean, what little girl doesn’t like to do that?  Any other time I might have spanked her or at least scolded her for jumping on the bed but that morning–all I could do was hold her and pray and cry.

I was holding a cold cloth to her head and imagining the worst when Grandma, Mitch and Jeff’s uncle J.L.pulled up. I was surprised to see him, but Grandma explained that as she was coming this way, knowing the road was bad, she stopped at Whitaker Methodist Church, as she saw him getting the church unlocked and thought he could be of assistance.  He had served his country in wartime and she knew he had some sort of medical something–surely.

My memory is vague on what else she said, but she came and looked at her and immediately said, “Well, I think she will be fine”.  Uncle JL looked at her eyes and observed the knot on her temple and wanted her to let him hold her, but of course, no one but Mama could hold her now.  They both said that since it was swollen on the outside- it was better.  I should watch her closely and keep the cold cloth on-and she should be okay.

Then they went on to church- and I know – without a shred of a doubt that both, New Teamon Baptist Church Ladies Sunday School class, and all of Whitaker Methodist Church prayed that morning for our little girl.  I didn’t feel compelled to rush to the hospital- I felt compelled to pray.  My mother-in-law didn’t feel compelled to urge me to rush her to the hospital, she was compelled to trust God.

The rain had stopped, we finished getting ready for church, I packed a bag with extras to stay at my mother’s house that day after church and loaded the truck and we headed off to church. I did keep an eye on her all day–but I kept a solid conversation in my heart with God too.  And, before we got to Sunday School, the swelling was noticeably lessening.

Recently, Jeff and I left Bolivia-what will soon be home to us, and saw the needs-and the way they trust God.  There is no alternative for them.  There is no alternative for us.

Sometimes it is necessary to seek expert medical attention–but when we are faced with circumstances that are so remote –we trust God.  He has never failed us!  He will not fail YOU!

When was the last time you trusted God?  Explicitly.  Fully.  Totally? 

The sweetest and best feeling comes from fully trusting God–Who saves, heals, and delivers.  Does that mean I am exempt from troubles?  Not at all.  As a matter of fact, we spent many times in an emergency room with both of our girls at different times over the years of raising them.  It means my Source of strength comes from God alone–and no matter what comes my way–I DEPEND ON HIM to see me through…no matter where that journey takes me/us.

So, to get back to the earlier statement that my mother had to trust God while we were gone… she has done it all my life.  Trusted God.  She taught all her children to do the same thing.  While we were in Bolivia, she couldn’t see what we were doing, with the exception of the two days we were in town at a wifi connection and I posted pictures to facebook.  All the other days she got up wondering what we were doing–praying for our safety and leaving us in God’s hands.  She reminded me this week–that’s her plan for when we move to Bolivia.  “I will have to trust God, Angie”.  She didn’t say it like she had an alternative, but that it was just a fact.  A way of living life.  Trusting God.

When you can’t see the road ahead–or what’s around the corner…Trust God.  I needed to know how –she provided that example-and I passed it on.

Today, I am passing it on to you.  I have no clue what’s ahead for us, for this nation–or the church…but this I can do:  Trust in God.  icecream


(c) Angie Knight 2016.  All rights reserved.

Expressions says- “indication of feeling, spirit, character, etc., as on the face, in the voice, or in artistic execution”.  

We see it everyday.  We do it everyday.  When we get excited about something–it shows up in our face-our voice-our attitude.  When we get mad…or disappointed…well, same things-only not so good.

I saw expressions in our team members–and in the people we served and ministered to.  This is one example after receiving a new Bible. 01111DSC_0149

Isn’t it beautiful?  Her expression makes every hot plane ride worth it.  (I forgot to tell you that part–yes the last planes coming home were hot.  I guess American Airlines needs an A/C repair person.)

Other expressions I saw were on the faces of our team.  Can you imagine people smiling and laughing while shoveling scoops of dirt for hours?  Even with the last shovel full -there was a tired smile. It’s part of the gift of giving to others….it pours forth from the heart.



Christ is seen in these expressions…


In the rain, working yet not affected by the outside circumstances.

I have been on several mission trips–and it always amazes me when I get back home and begin to go through pictures at the expressions on the faces.  There was pure joy felt at the end of the day–at what was accomplished despite the weather, God used this team of men and women to create a place of worship for a church full of beautiful Bolivians.  This, when complete, will be a safe harbor from the elements of life.  This wall was completely finished when we left.  The labors of these men, along with their fellow Bolivian laborers made it so.  It was a beautiful sight to behold.

One pair of workers I especially loved watching, Billy and Sarah.  Father and daughter.

I thought of how God allows me to come along beside Him and work…and when the job is too much, He does the heavy lifting.  But all along the way, He is teaching me the Trade.  Win souls for the kingdom–Introduce them to His Son.  Jesus.

Billy Guettler, you are an amazing servant of God–and you have a precious daughter.  Thank you for all that you did on this trip–and all our other trips together!  Jeff and I always feel it is a joy and honor to serve with you!

I watched everyone–and their reactions to their surroundings…I wanted them to love Bolivia as much as I do (as much as Jeff and I do).

Pastor Danny Carnley was another one who made me smile every time I saw him!  He absolutely adored the children’s crusade visit–and the privilege of praying with kids in school was not lost on him.  He revelled in it.  How the United States of America needs to return to that privilege.  Our nation’s leaders have tossed it aside like a discarded –out of style garment…but there are others who want it.  Jeff and I gladly carry the gospel and the privilege of praying in school to those God has called us to serve.

Oh the joy of serving…it makes me cry knowing that God has allowed us to play a small part (at our age) in bringing Jesus Christ to other nations!


Photo credit:  Pablo Morales

Last but not least for today, our worship leader from our home church, Sam Toole.  “Tooley” as I heard him called a few times, has an amazing heart to serve God–and he seeks God with a passion.  He loved showing his friend, Andrew, Bolivia and telling him all the things he experienced the first time.  They “tag-team-preached” on Sunday night at one of the two churches we visited.  I heard the message at Grace the Sunday before we left–and I knew it would be a good one.  A little bit about the Pharisees was lost in translation–something about “fantasies”??? I don’t know.  You will have to ask Andrew, Sam and Joel that one.  Fun times and great memories though.

Music is one of Sam’s gifts, but I believe as the days proceed, God will be showing him MORE than he dreamed possible.  Thank you Sam–for sharing your joy of serving so much that you were contagious and Andrew came to experience it too!

This mission trip was more than a work trip- It was a time of worship.  We worshipped with our voices, our prayers, our service, our labors; we worshipped with the joy the flowed from our mouths and heart.  When an obstacle arose, we took it to our Father-our Master.  He intervened.  Every time.

I will bless the Lord at all times;
His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
My soul shall make its boast in the Lord;
The humble shall hear of it and be glad.
Oh, magnify the Lord with me,
And let us exalt His name together.

I sought the Lord, and He heard me,
And delivered me from all my fears.
They looked to Him and were radiant,
And their faces were not ashamed.
This poor man cried out, and the Lord heard him,
And saved him out of all his troubles.
The angel[a] of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him,
And delivers them.  Psalms 34:1-7 NKJV

Until next time, joy in the LORD. May His praise be continually in your heart and mouth.


(c) Angie Knight 2016

You Have Arrived

I don’t know if this video will play properly or not, but we will give it a shot!  I was so excited to see those two buses roll in–the first time we’ve not traveled together on a joint trip–and I missed my man! 😉

The cook team had gone down 2 days early to purchase the food and supplies for the week and generally get set up.  We had MIRACLE number ONE at the airport in Bolivia when we landed.  Always there is several of us who have to have our bags searched and questioned.  SOMEONE was praying us through–God gave us ALL green lights!  Meaning–no one had to be searched!  Wow! That is a first!DSC_0161

Floyd Aycock, VP of Focus Forward Ministries, headed up the first team and we had a great couple of days.  Figuring out the grocery store was quite an experience.  Imagine if you will, looking for the things you normally buy…and you can’t read Spanish…and there are not pictures on most of it to hint at the contents….well, that was US!  But it was a lot of fun trying.

We had to go back the second day–and I thought we were at the same grocery store–so when I asked for bacon from the meat counter and the lady told me they didn’t have any–and I said to my friend and translator, Fabyana, “I got it right here yesterday”, the lady gave some sort of hand signal to say I might be a bit loco.  We laughed.  It’s probably a good thing I couldn’t understand her that day or I might have had my feelings hurt….naw.  I wouldn’t have.  It’s all a learning process and I will be GLAD when we are fully funded so that language school can begin!  I saw how incredibly necessary it is to know the language and more of the culture to be able to share the Gospel….not to mention buy bacon.


The first crew to arrive.  A mix of construction, crusade and cook crew!

We were blessed to have the absolutely best team. As I’ve gone back over the pictures–all the work going on–and all the smiles and laughter!  It was truly beautiful.  And to watch as Bro. Harold Thurmond shared with the children, as well as adults–I got the feeling that they were as interested in what he had to say as I was.  The two translators that were helping the evangelism team, I believe got as big a kick out of him as anyone.  83 years old…and still going strong on a mission trip.  They were hard to keep up with!  Truly a beautiful couple–we were honored to have them (even though I was a bit worried in the beginning–I soon saw he had more energy than I did!).  I learned some valuable things–watching him share the love of Christ with the people in the village.


Kay King was another one that just blessed my heart as she shared the salvation cards and bracelets with those they passed on the slippery dirt roads, or in their yards.  If they came to their home and no one came out, they simply came back later–or the next day!  They didn’t give up.  I loved being with them!  I hope to share another trip with them one day–they are truly amazing people.


Kay led this young man to Christ using the salvation  bracelet!

I won’t talk about everyone tonight–but I have to say this, my biggest surprise was found in a new friend, Carolyn McAllister. She had me laughing while we were filling in the bricks with cement by hand and slapping on the mud for the next layer of bricks…so much laughter in fact that Jeff thought we were playing and not working.   Of course we were working!  Laughter and a wonderful spirit of unity is exactly what kept things rolling along at such a good pace.  Even when things were hindered because the supplies and materials were not there as normal-there was a lighthearted–“get-er-done” kind of attitude that just made the work lighter.


I’ve been sick since we returned–my first cold in 2 years and I have felt bad, fevered, achy, and generally in a fog.  I am praying it passes soon–for it was even hard to pray this morning during devotion.  You probably never get like that–but I do.  So since the creative juices aren’t flowing as they do sometimes, I will keep this blog short.  I want to encourage you–if you want to go on a mission trip for one week–and have your eyes and heart opened, your life changed and challenged to get closer to God–contact us via facebook or email.  The FFM website is here.

There were several key things that happened this past week, I hope to unfold for you soon, but the second miracle is needing to be shared.  Floyd’s team was working on the set up and Pablo Morales, Architect for the church project, came driving up pretty fast–(not entirely uncommon), he quickly came and got Floyd to go with him.  We automatically began to pray in our hearts–not knowing exactly what was going on but knowing it was medical (or at least strongly believing it was) and that it was serious.  Soon they came back and Pablo called for me to come to the truck.  He said, “Angie, would you pray?”  Immediately I gathered the team and called for April.  I cannot explain this now, but I had a reason for calling her.  Not just because she’s a nurse–but because I felt led that she needed to be the one to lead us in prayer over the man named, “Renay”.

Renay had saw one area that needed attention on the roof of the church and proceeded to tend it–then somehow lost his balance and fell from the roof to the ground onto one foot and his knee hit his head.  That’s kind of hard to picture I am sure, but as he was rubbing his jaw and head, I figured he somehow jarred every bone.  Okay–the ankle was swollen already when we saw him–but the thing that I remembered was a flashback from one of my cousin’s uncle’s who fell from a roof onto his feet and crushed both his heels and ankles.  This was what I felt may have happened in my “non-medically-trained” opinion.  We don’t know.  THIS we do know, prayer was heard.  There was NOT a broken bone, but a bad sprain when they got the test results at the hospital later.  Our team prayed for him off and on all night.  The man was the son of a pastor in another city.  I don’t know if he was living for God or if he was a prodigal.  I do know this–God knew everything about the situation.  So, when you pray, pray for a man named Renay.  God knows who he is and where he is…and he saw the tears falling from his eyes while we prayed.


Friend, I don’t know where you are in Christ tonight–but know this:  this world is much bigger than you think.  And God wants us to all do our part to reach it in all the ways that we possibly can.  A week long mission trip is one way–praying, sending and going are other ways.  Pray and ask God to open your eyes and heart to the world around you.  You mission field is in your own back yard.  Down the road from your home… perhaps your first mission trip is to go to your neighbors house and ask them,  as Bro. Harold did each person he met, “Is there anything we can pray with you about”?

Where you have arrived–is wherever you are right now.  Make a difference.





Focus[ed] Forward


What a mission!  This group of 38~ ranges in age from 14 to 83.  You just won’t guess who’s the oldest or youngest.  You certainly couldn’t tell by  their actions.

Jeff and I are privileged to lead and work with an amazing group of people–more than just friends–we are family.  Each one thinking of the other.  That is exactly how the Focus Forward Team viewed this group of people this year.  Truly amazing!  Jeremiah Campbell, our missionary supervisor, said it best,  we “worked like a well oiled machine”.  And that so true–it is a decision that is made beforehand and it comes with much love, grace and mercy.   Often–we work out the kinks the first go-round, then the next one is better–then the next one is better–then the next one is…. You get the picture?

Each year God has blessed us above and beyond with a great team.  Our FFM team commented among ourselves several times at how blessed we are that we have such unity in such diversity.  We were covered by prayer and it began early on.  Thank You JESUS!

The FFM team have worked together since 2011–before we actually became FFMGod had it all planned in advance what the dedication and love of the FFM could do if we chose to fully-wholly and unreservedly follow HIM.  Focused forward.

This year the FFM Team were joined by individuals from 8 different churches:

Carmel AG, Grace AG, Live Oak AG, Medart AG, New Life Fellowship; Open Arms AG, Sneads AG (our sponsor for the church building), and St. Andrews AG, along with the ministry team from Centro Familiar de Adoracion (Family Worship Center).

As we worshipped together with our brothers and sisters in Christ in the two churches we visited–we were overwhelmed with the thought that “this might be a glimpse of heaven”.  Different languages, yet when expressing worship to our Father in heaven, we are in one accord.  It was beautiful!  Faith building.  DSC_0042

It was also said this past week- that possibly-in heaven- we would all still speak our same language, yet be fully understood.  No barriers.  We will know for sure one day! 🙂

I will share more in the coming days–possibly even more tonight–but for now, know that your prayers–thoughts–and donations were critical to this mission being a success.  As you prayed for the team–all stayed focused on what God had for them (us).  As you donated, we were all able to share and give and go.  You made a difference in Bolivia this week!  No gift is ever too small!

When the planning of this trip was in its infant stages, Pastor Juno Douglas along with the church board of Sneads AG was so moved by God to further the Gospel–he shared our sentiments– “It doesn’t matter if our name is ever mentioned–we just want to do what is needed”.   What is needed is for the message of Jesus Christ to be perpetuated throughout the nations.  The love of Jesus Christ is not just for North, South or Central America.  It is for the WORLD.

We liked Pastor Juno’s thoughts- and even though much will be shared in the coming days and weeks about the trip (hopefully it will impact far beyond that)–I know that when someone took a “selfie” with a group of children, or a stack of bricks–it wasn’t so that the world would see what they were doing.  It was to preserve a memory for themselves–so that when they returned home and the complaints of life snuck back up on them–they could look back and see themselves in the mirror of a “selfie” and see more clearly what life is truly all about.  Not to say, “look what I did”, but look BEYOND yourself and see what God wants to do in the world around us.

Pastor Vince Spencer shared a good word one evening in devotion–I wish I had recorded it–but to sum it up; facebook (and life in general) is inundated with a selfie-addicted society.  That’s for your glory not His.  Our lives are not to shout “Me-Me-Me”, but rather we should be a servant-partner in what God has going on –and work for Him, not for the applause of men here, but for the crown that awaits us in glory.

Pastor Danny Carnely was a joy to be around every day–it was not his first mission trip-but there were so many new aspects of this trip for him, it was like brand new.  We learned he and Pastor Vince have great stage abilities!  They worked tirelessly on their day with the children’s crusade team while Chase Curti and his wife, Shelly played the part of “Samson and Delilah”.  OH I WISH YOU COULD HAVE BEEN THERE!


I have laughed so hard this week at antics of our team and individuals–one favorite that I never realized was so funny–Sis. Carolyn McAllister.  I wish I could tell you all the comical things she did–but know this–JOY, FUN and laughter is PART of the Christian life.

I-along with everyone else on this team have cried this week.  That’s part of the mission.  We WANT each person to be so moved that God breaks the crust away from our lives–and opens our hearts and eyes to the world around us…and there were plenty of opportunities for tears as well as laughter.



I must stop now.  I have so much more to share–so stay tuned.  And if you want to be sure you don’t miss one, sign up to follow via email.

POWer PACKed prayers

The prayers of a child are incredibly powerful.  How do I know?  I’ve experienced them.

A few weeks ago–during Spring-Break, we had some grandson visitors.  I LOVE that.  Time with them, I may collapse at the end…but I LOVE that time with them.  And the wisdom crafted with hilarity- beats any TV show you could think up.

One of those spectacular days I over did it.  If you are uhm….let’s see…over the age of 50, you may know what I mean.  Anyway, the guys and I were on the back porch enjoying a mid-morning snack and I started to get up, and “clinch”–my back refused to do it.  I grimaced, and if I remember right, I think I even hollered.  Yow!  Or, something like that.

“What’s the matter Nana”?  One of them rushed to my side–wow!  I sat back down from a half-stand.  “Well, Nana has hurt her back”…. I sucked in my breath–leaned way over to try and stretch to see if maybe that was it.  I tried getting back up…nope.  Not happening.

“Hey boys, Nana needs you to pray for her”.

They immediately came to my side–laid their hands on me–and began to pray.  Well, let me pause and tell you that I asked them to pray out loud.  One of them said, “we are gonna pray in our head”, to which they all agreed–and I said “okay, God can  hear you”….and I knew that…I just always love to hear them pray.

So they prayed.  Kept their hands on my back and my arm while they prayed and then–simultaneously–they removed their hands and we all sat up.

“Well? How do you feel?”  I love the instant expectations of children.  They look for results.  Why don’t we?    I think our “reasoning” takes over.  We reason it out before we say “amen”.  We give God an “out” just in case He’s busy.   Not these guys.  Their mom demonstrates prayer with them.  Praying was not strange to them.

I sat up straight.  Put my hands on both arms of the chair–and stood up.  Tenderly–slowly…but wow.  I walked to the end of the porch–turned to them and smiled-and raised my hands and started praising God!  He HEALED me!  I told the boys to thank God with me–and we went about our day.  We talked about it again later–and they thanked God later….and so did I.  And for the power packed prayers of these kids.

This past Sunday Jeff and I were at Freedom Church in Tallahassee, Florida.  It was an incredible day–with some amazing people–and children.  Wow--the kids just blew me away.  Jeff and I talked about them on the way home.

This is a small window into our visit:  Once Jeff completed his portion in the main service (x2), we went to the children’s department.  Children’s Pastor Perry Dissmore, had us wait in the hall so that the kids could “prepare” for us...

Little did we know but our emotions were about to be hijacked.  Those kids yelled and screamed and waved flags and applauded–all because to them –we are superheros.

I wanted to cry!  We don’t consider ourselves anything of the sort–but with what we are doing–to those little friends–we are superheros.  But not to us…we are just obedient.  Pastor Brad Nester made a sticky statement that morning:  “You can only control your obedience… God takes care of the rest.”   Is that why we aren’t obedient “sooner”?  Because we want to control it all…and the outcome?  Well, we can’t.  We just have to trust God–and obey.

Before we left their area, Pastor Perry had the children gather around us and lay hands on us and pray.  Okay.  Stop right here and let me grab a Kleenex or paper towel- or something because I am going to cry and type.

As these “little friends” circled us–it felt like they were surrounding us with armor.  No joke.  I could almost hear the clanking of their warrior armor and swords.  One by one–we felt little hands gently press onto our back or shoulder or arms…and heard the most precious words– three sentences I wrote down as quick as I could so I wouldn’t forget:

“Lord, help them get there quick”;

“God, send them the money they need so that all the kids they see will get a bible”;

And the last one–that made the most impression on me:  “Help them have the faith to keep going.”

The faith to keep going.

When I first thought of that–I will be transparent–I thought, “that must mean some knock-out punches are on the way”…. I smile because–think about this:  When is a knock-out punch NOT on the way?  Really.  Jeff and I recently discussed how every pastor and minister who is doing what God has called them to do with all their might–MUST be under the gun every – single – Saturday!  The day before they launch what God has laid on them!  But truthfully, we must all know that as long as we are breathing–and as long as we are serving God–there will be punches thrown...but guess what…Christ ALREADY prayed the prayer of faith for us to KEEP ON GOING!

Now I am departing from the world; they are staying in this world, but I am coming to you. Holy Father, you have given me your name; now protect them by the power of your name so that they will be united just as we are.  John 17:11 NLT

Just as you sent me into the world, I am sending them into the world.  And I give myself as a holy sacrifice for them so they can be made holy by your truth.  “I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who will ever believe in me through their message.  I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me.  John 17:18-21 NLT

When those little friends prayed–they prayed the will of God over us.  Out of all the voices praying–those three stuck in my head.  We are forever changed by that morning.  Pastors Larry Perry, Brad Nester and Perry Dissmore are changing the world from the pulpit that God has called them to.  Those children (and adults) are being equipped weekly with the Word–prayer and mighty vision to win the lost…at any cost.  I wish you could have been there–I wish I had recorded the prayers.  But I think the one God wanted me to remember was embedded in my heart.

POWer PACKed prayers of children are just that because of their willingness to believe without doubting.  They know and trust in God.

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Real Easter Eggs

I love Easter.
I love what Easter means–and often my reading is drawn to the accounts of Christ’s journey from the Garden to Golgotha and beyond.  I watched pieces of several accounts of the story of Christ this weekend.  Some produced better than others–and the older the movie–the acting often left something to be desired…but the story was told…of HIS GREAT LOVE….
We’ve not had little ones in our home for several years–so I haven’t colored any Easter eggs.  I made an Easter basket for a friend, but beyond that– I only put out a few decorations.  We are “downsizing”…all that and more.
Jeff brought me a wonderful surprise Saturday night….REAL Easter eggs.  These in this basket I moved from the fridge, just for the picture.  They have not been colored by dye nor boiled…they are the real deal.  I love how God created a special breed of chicken to produce some amazing colored eggs!  Aren’t they pretty?  I especially love the green dotted one.
I love Easter.  I cannot form words to describe the sacrifice of my Lord –when He left His home in heaven–so that I–YOU and me, would have an opportunity to choose our destiny… I’m left wordless.  Tears flow…but words do not.  
We are each as unique as this basket of eggs.  Different colors of skin–but all created and loved by Him.  And the inside?  All the same.  The only difference is— Are we born again or not?  There’s no partial born again.  Only fully committed.
Yesterday I read about obedience– and how that will look when we stand before Christ.  We can be saved, yet not fully obedient.  If God asks you to do something–you can choose not to.  He doesn’t cast you aside.  You are still saved….but just like you were disappointed when your children disobeyed–or didn’t fully obey–God is disappointed.  And then the book of our lives will be opened and we all will give a full account of how we lived our lives…. 
I want to be the “real deal”- not dyed to make me look like the others.  I want to be the child who fully obeyed…fully committed, without wavering.  
Without remembering the cross--I would say it would be most difficult to do–but when I think of His sacrifice for me–for my life–a wretched–sinner–I am assured by His Word…He will be with us.  To the end.
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