There was a week in Bolivia we spent without social media.  Can I just tell you it was great–with one problem:  I couldn’t let my mother know or “see” by way of pictures (unless we went to town) that all was well.  She had to trust God.  Wow.

I have been reminded of the years we spent raising our children that THAT is the ultimate thing to do–and then keep doing and pass it down to our children!  TRUST GOD.

This morning, I was reminded of a time of major trust in God when I was a young mother myself.  Jeff was at work on the oil rig somewhere off the coast of Texas, and I was alone with our little girl getting ready for church one Sunday morning.

We lived on a dirt road out in the country–the nearest Piggly Wiggly was about 12 miles away.  Walmart was just beginning to appear in small stores across the nation, but the nearest one was about 25 miles away.  We lived in the only house in Alabama on our dirt road because the nearest neighbor was across the Florida line.  Sounds deep wooded doesn’t it?  Actually, it was only a mile to the nearest house.

It was a normal Sunday morning with the rushing of getting ready for Sunday School–me and my one little girl, and it was pouring rain.  It had rained all night and since our dirt road was clay and known for its slipperiness when it rained, I was already planning the best way to get out and get to church.  S-l-o-w-l-y.  Very slowly.  In low gear.

I was in the bathroom, having completed the dressing and hair-bowing of my girl, and almost ready myself when I hear “kah-thunk”– then a scream.   I ran from the bathroom to find Tiffany in the floor beside the dresser with a huge goose-egg already forming on her temple.  I have to say it scared me to death!  I immediately called my mother-in-law.  She was nearest to me.  I told her what happened and after I put two and two together I felt like I knew what Tiffany was doing.  Jumping on the bed and watching herself in the mirror.  I mean, what little girl doesn’t like to do that?  Any other time I might have spanked her or at least scolded her for jumping on the bed but that morning–all I could do was hold her and pray and cry.

I was holding a cold cloth to her head and imagining the worst when Grandma, Mitch and Jeff’s uncle J.L.pulled up. I was surprised to see him, but Grandma explained that as she was coming this way, knowing the road was bad, she stopped at Whitaker Methodist Church, as she saw him getting the church unlocked and thought he could be of assistance.  He had served his country in wartime and she knew he had some sort of medical something–surely.

My memory is vague on what else she said, but she came and looked at her and immediately said, “Well, I think she will be fine”.  Uncle JL looked at her eyes and observed the knot on her temple and wanted her to let him hold her, but of course, no one but Mama could hold her now.  They both said that since it was swollen on the outside- it was better.  I should watch her closely and keep the cold cloth on-and she should be okay.

Then they went on to church- and I know – without a shred of a doubt that both, New Teamon Baptist Church Ladies Sunday School class, and all of Whitaker Methodist Church prayed that morning for our little girl.  I didn’t feel compelled to rush to the hospital- I felt compelled to pray.  My mother-in-law didn’t feel compelled to urge me to rush her to the hospital, she was compelled to trust God.

The rain had stopped, we finished getting ready for church, I packed a bag with extras to stay at my mother’s house that day after church and loaded the truck and we headed off to church. I did keep an eye on her all day–but I kept a solid conversation in my heart with God too.  And, before we got to Sunday School, the swelling was noticeably lessening.

Recently, Jeff and I left Bolivia-what will soon be home to us, and saw the needs-and the way they trust God.  There is no alternative for them.  There is no alternative for us.

Sometimes it is necessary to seek expert medical attention–but when we are faced with circumstances that are so remote –we trust God.  He has never failed us!  He will not fail YOU!

When was the last time you trusted God?  Explicitly.  Fully.  Totally? 

The sweetest and best feeling comes from fully trusting God–Who saves, heals, and delivers.  Does that mean I am exempt from troubles?  Not at all.  As a matter of fact, we spent many times in an emergency room with both of our girls at different times over the years of raising them.  It means my Source of strength comes from God alone–and no matter what comes my way–I DEPEND ON HIM to see me through…no matter where that journey takes me/us.

So, to get back to the earlier statement that my mother had to trust God while we were gone… she has done it all my life.  Trusted God.  She taught all her children to do the same thing.  While we were in Bolivia, she couldn’t see what we were doing, with the exception of the two days we were in town at a wifi connection and I posted pictures to facebook.  All the other days she got up wondering what we were doing–praying for our safety and leaving us in God’s hands.  She reminded me this week–that’s her plan for when we move to Bolivia.  “I will have to trust God, Angie”.  She didn’t say it like she had an alternative, but that it was just a fact.  A way of living life.  Trusting God.

When you can’t see the road ahead–or what’s around the corner…Trust God.  I needed to know how –she provided that example-and I passed it on.

Today, I am passing it on to you.  I have no clue what’s ahead for us, for this nation–or the church…but this I can do:  Trust in God.  icecream


(c) Angie Knight 2016.  All rights reserved.

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One response to “Trust-God.

  • mazmagi54

    Such wonderful TRUST Angie and a great legacy passed on to hold on to!!! with a very special selection of a scripture verse 2 Timothy 1:7 (a life verse of mine)… very meaningful example and such a forethought of what God knew you’d need for the post that comes in August (above) not knowing all the details and dates, yet HE does and the future ones to as we TRUST and believe for God’s best! Blessings Angie and thanks for this lesson in “trusting” no matter what — (hug) in Christ’s Peace always, Peggy

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