Long Time- No See

Before you begin reading this— you need to know up front that God has been seriously dealing with ME on an extremely personal- unvarnished level. Blinders off.

This isn’t necessarily a ministry update as much as it is a personal update. We are STILL called to make an impact through missions in Bolivia and other countries (Bolivia is just so dear to our hearts). As a matter of fact, God is showing us new ways we can do that and we plan to implement them and talk about them again soon. He has also been showing us new fields that He’s calling us to. It’s mind blowing. We wait on Him.

I want to share with you a small portion from my YouVersion devotional today, “Praying for the Impossible”:

“One hundred twenty people in the early church were able to change the world through the gospel because they were empowered by God’s Spirit. Today we have 120 churches in close proximity in one community, and we can’t make an impact! Why? Because too many of us are like the dead man’s bones in the valley—lacking strength, influence, and life.

“You see, at some point there has to be an honest evaluation of the heart. We can’t be afraid of that. It needs to be the cry of your heart, my heart, and every Christian’s heart.” (End of devotion portion)

What a thought. What a reminder. The LORD GOD of Heaven wants to use YOU and me to make an impact and difference in this world. He wants YOU and me to be His world 🌎 changers. We can’t do that- or anything else successfully if we continue being satisfied with where we are in Christ. We are none where He wants us to be— there’s always—always room for growth.

He wants us EMPOWERED with the Holy Spirit— full of faith and believing – whether we see change or not— BELIEVING for impossible things to be possible through Him.

He wants our minds off of ourselves and onto the lost world 🌍 🌎 We cannot have that upper room empowering experience if we can’t get and keep our focus on Him.

We are often so full of ourselves. I see people constantly taking selfies in bathroom mirrors- etc. Why? Good grief Charlie Brown. Where did we make such a turn?

I’m laying myself before the LORD and asking Him, PLEASE show me YOU. Where YOU want me to recognize what I need to change. I submit. Daily. Sometimes it takes that daily surrender to get it to stick. Some of us are hard headed. (Me included)

We can’t be world 🌎 changers focused on us. Our line of sight must widen to include those around us, those in other cities and states and other countries.

Some won’t like this— but the only reason we need to be standing in front of the mirror (besides checking to make sure we have cleaned up right- the hairdo right and clothes on right- before we leave the house) is to see what needs changing. Facing the truth about how far we’ve wandered from His path. Not showing the world our puckered duck lips face (craziest thing ever).

Sometimes we (me especially) don’t want to say the truth out loud because we don’t want to offend…. I would rather take a chance on offending you here than watch you continue to slip further and further from the Truth you know, but allowed the devil to keep it tucked in the back of your closet like it’s not as important as it used to be. Trust me; it still is important.

God’s command: Love Him, love others. If we are loving Him and those around us… I know without doubt, we will spend less time in front of the mirror— unless it’s to truly evaluate the truth we see there.

God is ready to help each of us reach that place of empowerment. A Holy Ghost filled anointed powerhouse for Him. Not satisfied to let others do what He’s called the church to do…. what He’s called you and I to do….

Let us reevaluate our hearts. It’s a painful process— I kid you not. I’ve been sitting on the potters wheel for quite a while now. I don’t want a scrap of me left that is a hindrance to what He wants for my life. (Gulp)

I’ve got some other things to tell you soon…. but again, waiting on God. I won’t budge a toe in a direction that is not led fully by Him.

Pray for those around you… and please, please, please, pray for Bolivia.

2 thoughts on “Long Time- No See”

  1. Angie, What you shared today goes right along with a book I’m reading “You Were Born for This”- I’m being challenged by the Lord to re-evaluate where I am and what impact I am making on the world. I want to be more like Him.

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