Real Easter Eggs

I love Easter.
I love what Easter means–and often my reading is drawn to the accounts of Christ’s journey from the Garden to Golgotha and beyond.  I watched pieces of several accounts of the story of Christ this weekend.  Some produced better than others–and the older the movie–the acting often left something to be desired…but the story was told…of HIS GREAT LOVE….
We’ve not had little ones in our home for several years–so I haven’t colored any Easter eggs.  I made an Easter basket for a friend, but beyond that– I only put out a few decorations.  We are “downsizing”…all that and more.
Jeff brought me a wonderful surprise Saturday night….REAL Easter eggs.  These in this basket I moved from the fridge, just for the picture.  They have not been colored by dye nor boiled…they are the real deal.  I love how God created a special breed of chicken to produce some amazing colored eggs!  Aren’t they pretty?  I especially love the green dotted one.
I love Easter.  I cannot form words to describe the sacrifice of my Lord –when He left His home in heaven–so that I–YOU and me, would have an opportunity to choose our destiny… I’m left wordless.  Tears flow…but words do not.  
We are each as unique as this basket of eggs.  Different colors of skin–but all created and loved by Him.  And the inside?  All the same.  The only difference is— Are we born again or not?  There’s no partial born again.  Only fully committed.
Yesterday I read about obedience– and how that will look when we stand before Christ.  We can be saved, yet not fully obedient.  If God asks you to do something–you can choose not to.  He doesn’t cast you aside.  You are still saved….but just like you were disappointed when your children disobeyed–or didn’t fully obey–God is disappointed.  And then the book of our lives will be opened and we all will give a full account of how we lived our lives…. 
I want to be the “real deal”- not dyed to make me look like the others.  I want to be the child who fully obeyed…fully committed, without wavering.  
Without remembering the cross--I would say it would be most difficult to do–but when I think of His sacrifice for me–for my life–a wretched–sinner–I am assured by His Word…He will be with us.  To the end.
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Disclaimer:  It’s not our company--nor do we know anyone in the company–we just have the same last name–and a dear friend thought it would be a great reminder to pray for us as we get ready to leave for the mission field!

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