Time Flies On a Mission Trip

Time is short….or is it fast?  Either way—we seem to be running out of the year before we accomplish all we feel we need to accomplish.

So, you can imagine what one slice of that 52 week segment looks like.  Unbelievable – WITH Unprecedented speed—the days flew by.

We met and worked with a new missionary.  We have been so used to working with seasoned and much loved Missionary, Mike Baldree, that working with someone new seemed—well, like putting on tennis shoes without socks.  I could still wear them—but it didn’t feel the same.  Probably not a real good analogy, but hear me out.

This was a unique week.  It was learning.  Stretching.  Newness.  God placed Missionary Jeremiah Campbell in our lives for a reason…and he sowed some seeds of faith.  Stretch what we have—and lean in for more.  It was a good—really good week.  He brought with him a young man of strong faith and character, Evan Thacker—we got to know him a little better than the other members of his team simply because we had more time with him.

I know without DOUBT that they probably wondered what they had gotten into with our band of northwest Florida “country-talking” missionaries.  But our heart’s are just exploding with love for Bolivia and missions and the call of Christ Jesus.

I was able to have a great conversation with Jeremiah about some of the ins-and outs of mission work.  And in a conversation that he had with someone from our team (I was a listener), he shared things about missions that I had had questions about—but had never voiced aloud.  That, my friend, is the God I serve. 

Here are a few pics from the few days.  I really spent a lot of time behind the camera and very little talking with others unless we were sitting at a table…I felt like I could best serve the mission—and future mission projects with my focus clear….
After all…we have so little time…

Jeremiah Campbell’s Team
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