On January 12, 2010, while many of us were planning what to eat for supper, some driving home listening to music or talking on the phone–just living an oblivious life to anything or anyone else (myself included), a catastrophic earthquake shook all thoughts of anything else from the minds of millions.

Registering 7.0, this quake ripped lives apart and forever marked a small country with its devastating whiplash.  Because even years beyond the “after shocks”, it’s still reeling.

Jeff went to Haiti with a group of pastors in 2013-and as his heart has always been for little ones, as they crawled up in his lap- they crawled up into his heart.  No suitcase was big enough to bring them home- and what to do about the others…

Superintendent Thomas Moore has been instrumental in helping pastors from our area get a clearer picture and better understanding of what missions is all about–by showing them live and in person the reality of this devastation.

The West Florida District is currently raising funds to send a construction team over to repair a damaged roof on an orphanage (one of the three they visited when Jeff went) and other major repairs.  The most major of all that cannot be repaired without God: these little ones.  Lives changed in a split second as the earth shook.  No mom or dad to love and care for them, but God had a plan already written for someone to come in and take these and make them her own.  (You will have to get Supt. Moore to tell that story.)

haiti collage

The roof leak?  Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s over the bedrooms.  Rain?  Drenched sleeping quarters.  Can I tell you how miserable that is?

I went on a camping trip about a year ago–and the roof leaked.  Just one place.  But it kept me awake all night.  Even though I moved to the couch and put a boiler on the bed to catch the dripping water, the “ting-ting-ting” of the water dripping kept me awake all night wondering if it would soon leak elsewhere.

These kids–it leaks all over the place and there’s no way they have enough boilers to fill all the places for the rain invading their sleep.

So.  I’m asking something of you.  First–pray.  Don’t just pray for the kids and the teams that go to help–or Convoy of Hope who continually see to the many needs in that country–but pray and ask God “what can I do?”  You can do a lot!  Any amount  you are able to send in for the construction costs and materials will be beneficial!  The job cannot get done without you.  Every donation helps.

Next, contact the district office and send an offering.  Find out how many construction workers are going and help one of them with airfare.  Yes they are willing- and are able–but many will need some assistance covering expenses.

The address to send your (tax deductible gift) is:

West Florida District Assemblies of God, 4792 Highway 90, Marianna, Florida 32446.  Mark it “Haiti Project”.

Supt. Moore didn’t ask me to do this–doesn’t even know that I am–but God gave me fingers to type, a mind to think and understand the needs that need to be met–and a voice to shout!  I have so much to be thankful for!

It’s raining today while I’m typing this–and I asked the Lord this morning to tune me into the needs of our world–this project has stayed on my mind since we sat down last year with a representative from Convoy who shared his heart and the needs there.  Even though I had not been, I saw through the description and the pictures that had been taken by other team members (pastors) when they went.

When I can’t “go”, I can still make a difference.  So can you.  Make that call today.  Do something with what you’ve been blessed with.

Thank you in advance for the lives your donation will change!


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