Random Tuesday

Have you settled back in from all the rush-run-hurry-scurry of the holidays?

Is your house back in order?  Or, are you like me; laundry waiting to be folded…books waiting to be read…a dog snoozing beside you–while  you work on yet another project you have going??

During the Christmas holiday break we had some alteration to our normal routine:

  • Jeff’s stepbrother passed from his morning routine to the glories of heaven.  What a Christmas he had this year!  It happened Christmas Eve (Eve).  It surprised us, but not God.  His days had already been planned out.  (Psalm 139:16)
  • Our mission team (focus forward ministries) had our first assignment as a full fledged ministry.  We cooked and prepared a Christmas Day meal for the staff of one of the nursing homes in a nearby town.  Lunch and Dinner.  AND we ran upon the white bearded man himself–all decked out in his royal reds.  It was quite a sight!  That was so much fun–even though we were on the road a lot that day–I couldn’t help but be reminded of all that we had been blessed with!
Our daughter April, the nurse, helping a resident with her gifts
A few of our ministry team at the nursing home, along with the man in red 🙂
I don’t know if I told YOU or not, but I am now an independent Thirty-One Gifts Consultant! It is exciting getting to meet all the new ladies that God has brought across my path–I have inserted the link to my page if you are interested in shopping with me!  The full commission from the first party of each month goes to missions.  God is faithful.  Meeting our needs as we continue to step out in faith.
I took this leap of faith in September of 2014–and completely rely on God to open doors and windows where He will use the voice He gave me!  
So…message me, comment here, or Facebook me and tell me what you’ve been up to since Christmas!
OH! Almost forgot…a reminder of our ministry info:
Our Page and Ministry Page, click the links 🙂

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