Tomorrow is a Big Day

Friday.  The 28th of February.  Wanda’s birthday 🙂

I feel a stir in my heart that maybe–just maybe there will be a party going on in heaven.  What do you think?

Some may say “that’s silly”…  Well, to be absent from the body is to be present with The LORD (2 Corinthians 5:8), and I believe He loves her enough that He just might want to throw her a party!

I’ve been working on a project this afternoon.  The testimony of God’s love and faithfulness for one of His other children.  My dear husband.

Many of you know him as Jeff.  His two closest friends call him “Jabot” (from French jabôt –pronounced: Jabo).  He’s also known as “Daddy” by our two girls, and “Papa” by 7 terrific grand-kids.   To me, he is many things.  The love of my life.  My dearest and best friend.

For over 31 years he’s been my husband, and a strong provider.  The priest of our home.  A shoulder to cry on (like the time the mouse chewed my favorite skirt mother made me and I discovered it right before church and he pulled me in his lap and let me cry), an ear (for all the times I need to vent), a heart that feels pain with me–for all the same reasons.

There are many times we are thinking the same thoughts…we are, as of the last day of June in ’82, ONE.

I’ve heard him share his testimony so many times over the course of the years the girls were young…then life got so busy and we dedicated all our time to our family, our work and our church.

But…I feel a stir in my soul.  It’s time to share it again.  I asked him a couple of days ago about sharing it–and he gave me permission….so, it’s on our header and I’m adding the link here:  “Jeff’s Journey to Jesus”.

Perhaps someone “knows someone” in a dark place.  Maybe you have a son or daughter that you feel so broken and hopeless about right now…you need to know… THERE IS HOPE.

Keep praying.  Don’t stop believing.  Pray –visualizing them kneeling at the foot of the cross.  Pray the WORD.  Anoint their beds… pray over them as they leave the house…. claim the promises in the Word.

Teach them early parents…we have no idea what lies ahead…. BUT you can trust the One you give them to if you put all your faith and trust in Jesus.

If you are friends with either one of us on Facebook, drop us a note.  Jeff and I will gladly pray with you.

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