Exit, Stage Right.

A few days ago I had this post publish on Laced with Grace.  I need to tell you this has been a struggle.

The disconnect.  Then I got all in a knot.  Actually, a major twist.

That’s what it felt like…someone had twisted me out of shape.  I was –out of shape.  In more ways than one.  (I am learning my limitations with my aging self –ahem–(major throat clear)

At that point…it hit me.  Through reading in devotion time, and a BIG talk from my mother…knower (I know that’s not a word) of MANY things…she gave me the “old -one-two”.  And I realized in short, she was very right.

Too caught up in the “stuff  of ministry” and not enough time devoted to the temple of God…meaning “our own body, mind and heart-to-heart time with Him”….

So–I took a break.  I disconnected.  Removed Facebook from my phone…and since we don’t have internet access much at our house…I don’t check it as frequently.  I breathed easier with just that act of mental health.  It was crazy anyway…I rarely read a newspaper…why did I need to keep up with the goings on of those I rarely– if ever see?  (because everyone else did.)  [And it has actually taken me TWO weeks to get this little bitty post written.]

Growing up, I was not the girl who “did what everyone else did”….actually, I was the one who didn’t.  I was not the “popular” one…although I had friends, and truly enjoyed those friends, I didn’t have to be “the popular one”.  I wasn’t a cheerleader or ball player–although I had friends who were both.  I felt no pressure to become either one…

Why, then, do we put pressure on ourselves to be involved in everything…every time?  I don’t know.  But as I was frantically searching for the “off switch”… God showed me where and how.  Through an unexpected miracle…

It’s better if I just show you…

As the miles opened up the colors of the season, the stress of the past months seemed to ebb away…a little bit.

I say a little bit because I may be like you…so used to feeling stress that you might feel naked without it… Do you think it’s supposed to be the norm of a believer?

I don’t.  At least not a continual rotation of one stress to the next… It may SEEM like we run from one stress to the next, but that’s not how God intended our lives to be…

By stress, I am talking about the things we “allow” to come into our lives.

My mother would say, “put up healthy boundaries”. (She also gave me and our entire family a copy of the book, Boundaries, by Henry Cloud.)

My friend, who gives me such godly counsel from hundreds of miles away, says, learn to say “no, but thank you for thinking of me”.

We have had many miracles this year.  MANY.

Salvation to healing…miracles.

And the enemy so bad wants to bog down our minds that we are unable to “be in continual praise mode” like we should be– and want to be…all because of the “busyness” of our lives and minds…and the CONTINUAL activity that seems to be bombarding our lives.

Then I saw this:

This is a totally UNTOUCHED PHOTO except for the words I added.

That is JUST how beautiful God is…how HE blesses us.

He pours peace out into our lives like liquid beauty.

When we get to the end of ourselves…and it seems all we feel are hands tugging us this way and that– take a deep breath… and search for HIM.

He may be just waiting to show you something absolutely spectacular…and it may be just the simplest thing as a leaf hanging on a tree…

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the LORD.  Acts 3:19

Bring your focus in on Him.  So that everything else just blurs in the background.  

Often, that may take “getting away”.  Do it.  Whatever you need to do to keep the way clear for Him.

Just say, “no, but thank you for thinking of me”….

Then, EXIT….Stage right.


© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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One response to “Exit, Stage Right.

  • Chris

    My, you are right about too much busy-ness, too much media~~struggle to balance it all! Thank you for your words, things for me to reflect upon and your love for Jesus~

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