Home Again

100_1770We may be home again—but the memories are as fresh as if we were yet there.

Wowed again by the sweet faces we have grown to know and love.  It almost felt like we had been away only a few weeks—rather than 12 months.  Their faces, the moms of the little ones were wreathed in smiles.

100_1778My friend, Olivia, the chicken—here with my Bolivian friend, Lisa, met for the first time. Happy faces all around. I was so glad the guys from New Life were able to come and see the completed work of the labor of their hands from 2011.  God was so faithful.100_1791

Next stop, on Friday, was the school. 

Our eyes took in the playground which we had left money for—it looked well used.  Enjoyed.  The kids ran to show us just how appreciative they were.

After taking many pictures of them on the playground, we moved on to the class rooms and to give what we had brought—through YOU.  Many of you gave—mailed it to us, or brought it by the church!  With each gift offering of school supplies, my heart swelled with the love that I felt from our Father!  But nothing could compare me for what I saw as they watched us unpack them all.

100_1878We gathered in the principals tiny office—the translator, Jeff, myself, our children’s pastor, Bro. Chris, the principal and 2 of the teachers. 

As we began stacking crayons, markers, notebooks, paper, pencils and other items on the desk, I listened to their voices, “ooo”ing and “ahhh” ing over the items.  I watched as one teacher gently caressed a box of Crayola Markers as if it were a lost treasure. 

It may not have been lost, but it was indeed rare in her world.  We had shared supplies with the church we had just built so that they would have things to begin their new “children’s church” program with, but even with sharing, we still had 2 army duffle bags and one large suitcase full. 

They got excited over the packages of glue, erasers and pencils and composition books.  We discovered soon that they didn’t have a copier for the school—they had to go to town for copying (no printers), which was a good 45 minutes by the way we had arrived that morning.  (Yes, we already know what we are wanting to bring them next year.)


This school has over 500 kids—from elementary to high school.  They attend at various times of the day, beginning with elementary in the morning—and ending with high school being dismissed around 5:00 in the evening.  The majority of these kids walk. 

100_1864They are a beautiful bunch of kids.  Every single one. They sang for us, posed, and joked.  They laughed at “Olivia” and were thrilled for this short break from classes, just as our own kids would have been. 

You can tell by observing them—they live a different, yet same type of life as we do.  They have very little—many are in need of dental care—yet they love just as our kids do.  They want to be your friend.

Some may ask, “why go back?”  Oh, dear.  I cannot stay away.

When Jeff and I began discussing the  possibility of trips back next year—I have to be honest, I tried to think of ways I could go more than once.100_1890

Missions gets in your system.  Just ask my friends, Thomas and Rene.

It courses through your veins once you go on one trip.  You want another.  To see more of the world’s people.  Not only to see them, but to somehow touch their lives.

Missions is in my blood.  It’s coursing and pulsating with every beat of my heart.  I will go. 

Here am I Lord….send me.100_1874

For these….

Thank you for what you did in making it possible for us to go.  Thank you for helping by your donations of money or school supplies!  Every gift helped in some way.  It did not go unnoticed!

We cannot do missions without your help!  Your heart of love and compassion goes “with” us each and every trip!  What a legacy of faith you are sowing!  Thank You for allowing us to be part of that seed of faith and love for Christ—and the world.

Let’s do this again –real soon.

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