Within Walking Distance

There are needs.

My 3rd oldest grandson, Zackary told me days before I left for Honduras when the country was pointed out to him on the globe, “Nana, you can just walk there”.

I explained the situation.  (Nana is too old to walk that far...)

There are faces I want you to meet, places I want you to see–and before you go and say, “You can do all of this here”…let me paraphrase something I heard while in Guaimaca, Honduras; You have 51 other weeks in the year to be “present and accounted for here”, be present and account for something for someone over “there”…wherever God may point.

If you are brave enough to cross a muddy, disease ridden creek on a log, or wade through mid-calf, I will show you some faces that will cause you to smile–and cry at the same time.  These are just 2 of them.  I will also share with you someone’s view from the lens in the operating room as a gifted-compassionate medical team gave….

In the next few days I would like to invite you to join me as we follow a group of missionaries–who, by the way, decided it better to give a week to others than take for themselves a week at summer camp.  

They would rather pay more–and do without many of the comforts of home and “GIVE” of themselves– than horde up another week of memories spent on a beach or camp.  Not that summer camp is bad–it’s not.  It helps tremendously in the spiritual growth of countless kids, teens and even adults.  But this was a year for a group to GIVE.

To quote a young lady (Savannah), when I asked her if she would rather do summer camp or a mission trip–she did not hesitate.  “Summer camp is good–but it is all about “self”.  What can I get out of it…but a mission trip is all about what can I give…what can I do…”

Her statement resonated in my heart.  That is a rare heart in too many people.

I want to share with you about those young people.  Raymond Smith’s youth group.  I saw the best come out of them in some itchy situations…

Raymond had a group of young men who worked with him daily mixing concrete and creating a solid floor for many people….but I won’t give it all away today.  However, I do want to mention the incredible medical staff that came and GAVE…countless hours of time–performing surgeries, listening to hearts–looking into eyes that will never be able to repay them for their kindness.  I will tell you more about them later in the coming days.

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My eyes filled with fresh tears this morning–sitting on my porch taking in the weeds in the back field and the dead petunia–so GRATEFUL for all that I have.

Thank you Raymond for allowing me and Rene to join your team.  It made a lasting impression on me.  You are a great Youth Pastor–and a true leader of the “giving heart”.

Your reward is on the “other side”….

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