Remember the Voice–Remember the Word

This morning when I woke I heard, “Heeellllooooooo”…..

In my head.  My heart.

My ears really didn’t hear it…but the voice was so familiar.

I’ve read on facebook so many of the phrases that everyone remembers–and it is incredible.  What we remember of Connie will last as long as we do.  The work of The Spirit through her will go on forever.

It’s also neat to read what others remember–and what their favorite things about her are.  I am sure it will bring joy to many readers, as well as comfort for those who are able to share.  That’s love.  That was Connie.  She loved to hear what you had to say–and she never interrupted with “her own agenda”…she just let us talk….whoever the “us” might be.

“Toodle–looo” (how ever YOU want to spell it…it sounded the same from her lips) was a favorite.  I heard it on every “Tom’s Messenger” message to me–and those on facebook.

“I love you precious” is a favorite of mine–

“that’s okay precious” –giving you carte blanche to feel the way you did about whatever you were talking about….and then I am sure she took that matter–if you were wrong to feel that way, “to her Father”.

Many times she would call me and say, “Angeleena, help me pray for “so-and-so, they have such a need”.  Your need wasn’t mentioned….but your name was.  I loved prayer time with Connie.

One particular precious prayer time was before I was to go to Cambodia.  I knelt down at her foot stool, the one at “her big chair”…and as she prayed the fire down, and The Holy Spirit began to flow through her, I found myself laying across the stool, weeping, laughing, Spirit flowing, and rejoicing in what God was doing in that very instant.  She covered me from head to toe in prayer.  Some prayer times were at my house, some at hers, some while we were driving–either apart or together.  But prayer was the most significant start to her day.  And Praise!

Many of you have had prayer times with Connie–I remember reading a particular post on facebook yesterday and just had to grin–knowing God in HIS awesomeness planned a Word Walkers Meeting for just two.  A young woman needed a BIG touch from a MIGHTY Hand…and He knew just who to send for the delivery.  

Tomorrow the family will be greeted by those who loved Connie fiercely.  They will be embraced by words that will fall in liquid down cheeks–from eyes that have already cried rivers…yet tears will still come.  

Can I tell you something else?  Joy will come.  Joy will flow from laughter as people remember silly things–things that Connie did or said…because she LOVED laughter.  Joy doeth good like a medicine.

Connie Wilson Haile stood on the Word of God.  She didn’t budge.  She taught anyone who would listen to do the same.  I love the fact that this is remembered by one and all about her–and the fact that negativity was a no-no around her.  You can’t speak life and death with the same lips…

We all know there are those who didn’t agree with her style or ideas about the Word…but they can’t say they were not affected…and they secretly wished they had that much spunk…and The Holy Spirit living in and working through them.   

She was not afraid to live life to the fullest and she was not afraid to be who she was.  I wonder–if we all took God at His word as she did…what results would we be seeing in our lives today.

Oswald Chambers wrote this: “We should battle through our moods, feelings, and emotions into absolute devotion to the Lord Jesus. We must break out of our own little world of experience into abandoned devotion to Him. ”  

This was from a portion of the devotion for November 13, titled, “Faith or Experience”.  She abandoned her life of “self” into a life for Christ.  She was devoted to doing the will of her Father.  No matter what it cost.  She had a reckless faith that God adored.  He loves it when His own believe HIM…

Her experiences in life tested that faith and her faith shown through every circumstance.

Was she perfect?  No.  She would tell you in a New York second–she was not perfect–but her love for God was being perfected daily–into the likeness of His Son…

Many of you will remember her testimony–and as the days pass, and your faith is tested, you will remember the words of this powerful, passionate for Jesus, woman.  You will remember the words she prayed over YOU…and the words of faith she reminded YOU to speak over your situation every day.

This blog was written for you.  Connie’s friends and family.  For those who loved Connie, but don’t know Jesus…make sure you find someone who does–I know they will lead you by the hand to Him…you will not be alone.  What a great testimony–to find Jesus as a result of a life lived such as hers.

Without Jesus–we have no hope…but with Him, believing on Him–TRUSTING in Him to save us from our sins…we have HOPE and a promise of eternal life.  (John 3:16)

I close with this:  Pastor Lavon Pettis prayed the most beautiful prayer just before she took her leave of this life–and he asked God to lay the mantle of Connie Haile on others.  Friends, there is a mighty work to be done.  It will not get done without a determined heart.  There are lost to win to Christ.  That’s what she was all about.  Leading hearts to Jesus.

Are you ready to wear a faith filled mantle?

© 2012 Angie Knight- The Knightly News.  All rights reserved.

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3 responses to “Remember the Voice–Remember the Word

  • Denise

    Such a precious, and beautiful tribute sis. I love you, and miss you.

  • Joanne@ Blessed...

    Angie, this was absolutely beautiful. I envy being able to spend as much time with Connie as you did. I'm so sad I won't have the opportunity this side of Heaven.

    Let's plan a phone chat. I want to hear more. How was her service? Was it packed by those who loved her? Were there many brought to Christ?

    Her life was an incredible shooting star, burning fiery hot and much too fast across our night sky. Missing her tonight. So grateful I said “Yes” when you asked a handful of us to come to Florida. You said God was up to something that weekend. Little did we know the fruit of our time would continue through the ages.

    I love you friend. xo

  • Kay Nichols

    Angie, thanks for such a wonderful tribute to Connie. I miss her so much and it's still so hard to believe she is gone from us. You have blessed my heart today. Thank you!

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