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Connie Wilson Haile–a life–a testimony

Her words rang in my heart this morning…

“I’m going home….(breathe)….I’m going home…. (breathe), I can’t wait.”

After the talks we had had over the past few months–phone–texts–and in her living room–I knew what she meant.

Peace bathed her countenance, although you could tell the last few days had dealt a blow–she was focused. Mind fixed and guarded.

She taught hundreds to do the same.  Fix your mind.

When fighting the enemy the way Connie Wilson Haile had, for the past many years–she had learned a few of his (the enemy’s) maneuvers.  She watched close her own life.  She gave The Holy Spirit full authority to guard, keep and protect all that she gave to Jesus….and when she gave her life to Him…she gave Him all.

Many people will bear a heartache over this special friends’ passing, but once we wipe our eyes, we should look to the heavens, and know that God is getting us ready for Christ’s return.  It’s soon.  Connie would say-

-“fix your mind on what God wants YOU to do.  She would remind you that when you SUBMIT to God…and resist the devil…he will flee.
He has to.
Connie would remind us to trust in the LORD with all our hearts–don’t lean on what we think–see or understand–not to be moved by what we see in the natural… that we should–…in all our ways— acknowledge HIM…and HE will direct our paths.  She would remind us that God does not give us the spirit of fear–that comes from the enemy–HE, God, gives us power over the enemy–through the very Word inspired.
She would remind us that God is our refuge–and strength–a VERY PRESENT help in times of trouble.” 

Family, friends of Connie, GOD IS YOUR REFUGE.  Run to Him.

My sister, Wanda, had a favorite verse– Psalm 27:14  “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart:  wait, I say, on the LORD.”

Those words reminds me of Connie’s walk with God.  She never stopped believing for her miracle.  She got it today.  This afternoon she sparkled and shown all the way to glory.

That might not have been what the natural eye saw, but if you paused in the room and looked for the spiritual, you would see glitter on the faces surrounding the bed. While it may have seemed to be tears…it was really glitter–paving the way for her to move on the her heavenly home.  The one she was telling me about this morning.  The one she and I had talked of before…

Fix your mind.  Fix it hard and fast on Jesus Christ.  His return is soon–and His Bride will be a prepared and ready Bride.  Connie would remind you of this–and to stay steady.

Many times I heard her say, “I will live and not die–and I will declare the glories of God”.

She did live.  To the fullest!  And she declared His glories all the way Home.  Her death here was just a change of address.  Her body stayed–but her spirit soared.

Our prayers are with the family of Connie Wilson Haile.  She won.  God is glorified.

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