The First Day of the Last Month of 2011

With the rush of Thanksgiving week behind, as well as the Young Adult Retreat, the job beckoned….for a couple of days, then off to Mother and Grandbuddy’s to care for really big dog and small black cat.  It is at this home I am clicking away at the keys in hopes that the internet service lasts long enough to get the job done. 🙂

There have been so many happenings in our lives of late–it would drive you nuts if I typed them all..suffice it to say, “we’ve been as busy as you have”.

Life brings daily changes.  To all.  We are no exception.  I face the same daily battles and struggles as anyone else…I just have to determine ahead of time, “how to handle said battle”.

My thoughts turned toward Christmas the day I put my tree up.  Not before.  We’ve really been too consumed with work and various other things to “think” ahead much.  On Sunday though, while others were napping, I decided it best to tackle the tree knowing I would be away for several days and wanted to come home to the job completed.
Getting out my ornaments, of course, took me back to the last couple of years.  I put all my special ornaments on the tree, leaving in the boxes those that came prepackaged, prearranged to go with certain color schemes.  In the “downsizing” of life (our choice), the tree nestles quaintly in a corner by the door of my kitchen.  It looks “made” for the spot.  I love it.  Who doesn’t love sitting at a table drinking a cup of coffee with a pretty tree staring back?

As I tackled my tree, my mind went back to some precious faces, who are thought of by several friends of ours almost daily.  I began to wonder how they will celebrate the birth of our Savior?
How do you celebrate the birth of Jesus?  Do you gather with family and friends, digging into gifts wrapped prettily under a decorated tree?
Do you visit with friends that you have had very little time to see over the course of the past year?
Do you talk to the One who came from Heaven’s glories and filled a manger with His flesh to bring you LIFE?

 While you are rushing to work and home again, keep in mind Whose constant eye is on you.

The One who came….the One who gave…
The One who died….the One who LIVES!

The One who will RETURN!

Let us not get bogged down in what to get “who” this year….instead, let’s get our focus on what really matters….

Others.  How would Jesus spend Christmas this year? 

I’m just asking….food for thought.  But I bet (if I were a “better”) that He would want to spend Christmas with just “you”

I want to do something different next year with the blog….

I welcome your thoughts and ideas….(I have a few of my own…but your thoughts really matter to me!)  So… me a note, or send me an e-mail!

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