Band Of Brothers On A Mission

I have said several times—either here online—or when speaking –100_3523

“You are one of two things—IF you are a believer in Christ….”

According to Matthew 28:19-20, “You are either a Missionary—or a Mission Project.” 

I now know what it feels like to be both.  Being a missionary is incredible.  To share the love and mission of our Lord Jesus Christ with others is a feeling like no other!  Jesus said to the eleven disciples standing with Him, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”   He gave them their marching orders. 

Question for you:  If  you are going to leave your job—and it is your job to train your replacement—don’t you want them to know everything in order to succeed at the work ahead?  And if they leave after you—won’t they do the same?  And the next person the same?

That’s what Jesus did.  HE gave the instructions for EACH OF US…to be handed down through time until HE RETURNS.  So—what are you doing?

Let me tell you how we became a mission project.

We moved to a cute little house on the camp grounds…and it rained on the day we were moving in…which was really a blessing…because we discovered the roof leaked.  And a few days later it rained again.  And it leaked again.

HOWEVER, there is a “Band of Brothers” that Jeff has been BLESSED to be a part of ever since God laid it on the heart of Guy Tatum to begin a “men’s prayer group” at church.  (Marianna First AG). 

The prayer group is open to any man—of any age who wants to band together with other men and pray and grow in God.  I have witnessed the changes in the men of this prayer group as they “truly” band together and form a team of awesome encouragers in their faith and love for the LORD!

They showed up at our house this morning before the sun had set the trees on fire with it’s brilliance!  It was a gorgeous day—windy for being on a roof, but these guys didn’t mind –and there was not one complaint about the chill in the air! (Not that I heard anyway!)

Click on the pictures and see all that the LORD did through the giving hearts and working hands of these awesome guys!

Thank you Guy for following the call of God to lead this “Band of Brothers” into a higher place in Christ—and into the “Mission Field” of life!

Not a hammer was picked up until they gathered in prayer.

At break time—I stepped outside to snap a few pictures of them and heard them discussing their morning’s Bible reading.  Guy challenges them to each read the Bible through –and he supplied them all with the NLT Version of the “Bible in a Year”.

We are not the first mission project these guys have taken on—and I’m sure we won’t be the last! 

The West Florida District is extremely grateful for their hearts of love and labor today as they roofed not only our house, but a storage building as well!

Guys—, we could never thank you enough!  What a blessing you have been to us and the District!  We love you all!


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One response to “Band Of Brothers On A Mission

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