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What are we doing to make sure they are fed?  Taught?  That the seeds are sown into their lives?

It doesn’t happen by accident…we must be purposeful in our mission to help those around us, as well as those in distant lands.

What if….it were your child, or grandchild that depended on a missionary to get the Word to them about the LOVE of JESUS CHRIST?  Can they depend on you to help carry the Gospel to the nations?  Can they depend on me?

Discussion of late has been the lack of responders to the needs.  They would rather not “know” what it’s like there…I suppose it’s an easy out—“If I don’t know…then I won’t have to go.”  Or, I won’t lose sleep over the fact that children are forced into “labor” at such an early age—physical labor just to put bread on the table….they give up their opportunity at an education.

DSCF9390We even encountered a young girl of about 6 years old, who “danced” on the sidewalk, hoping for coins to be dropped in her bucket.  This was not her choice. 

When our team passed out tracks at night—and watched as they read them, then shared them, we did so with the greatest hope that these words of Salvation would begin to change the hearts and lives of those who “live on the streets”….and point them to the Cross of Jesus…where HE gave all.  For all.

What can we do?





BE the life impacting Christian that is needed to this lost and dying world.  Point them to Christ.  The ONLY way to be saved is through Jesus Christ –and the recognition of our sins—casting all our selves at the feet of Jesus—accepting HIM as our LORD and Savior.  Allowing Him to change us—from the inside out.  Permanently.


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